SOLD Orange Terror Bass 1000 & Orange SP410 Isobaric Cab San Diego, CA

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  1. nvstiers


    Apr 19, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Incredible and Very Rare
    Orange SP410 Isobaric Cab and Terror Bass 1000watt Head

    San Diego, CA
    Selling my beloved Orange Terror Bass 1000 and SP410.

    The Terror Bass 1000 $700 obo
    is a 1000watt hybrid amplifier with a Class D solid state power section and same the preamp as the all-tube AD200B UK bass amp.

    $700 or best offer. Local pick up only. Southern California

    Excellent condition and comes with gig bag and power cable.

    Amazing sound can go from a dirty Orange tone to bright crisp and clear. Paired with the Orange SP410 this thing thumps, the sound can get HUGE and stay very CLEAR

    I used it to play stages, large venues and small clubs. Needed the power to cut through a seven piece band.

    The headroom on this amp allows for a lot of flexibility and great tone.

    The SP410 $700 obo
    is an isobaric cabinet featuring 4 10" Eminence Neodymium speakers set up in a magnet to cone isobaric configuration.

    $700 or best offer. Local pickup only. Southern California.


    This was one of the very last SP410s available from Orange and is no longer in production.

    Some wear and tear, most noticeable is a tear in the rubber handle on the top, other than that very minor scuffs and scratches.

    I purchased both directly from Orange while my band was still touring.

    • Terror Bass 1000 $700 or best offer
    • SP410 Cab $700 or best offer
    • Terror Bass 1000 & SP410 if purchased together $1300 or best offer
    Located in San Diego, California. Not looking to ship.

    ORANGEBASSCAB_1page.jpg _DSC0333.jpg _DSC0335.jpg _DSC0336.jpg _DSC0337.jpg _DSC0340.jpg _DSC0342.jpg _DSC0344.jpg _DSC0345.jpg _DSC0348.jpg _DSC0349.jpg _DSC0352.jpg _DSC0353.jpg _DSC0355.jpg _DSC0356.jpg _DSC0357.jpg _DSC0358.jpg _DSC0364.jpg _DSC0366.jpg IMG_0652.jpg
    From Orange:

    "Orange BT1000H Terror Bass 1000 Amp Head
    Menacing tone in a compact package! The Orange BT1000H Terror Bass 1000 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head combines a super efficient Class D solid-state power section with the same preamp as their all tube AD200B UK bass amp. That twin 12AX7 preamp gives the Terror Bass 1000 head the ability to give warm clean tone, creamy overdrive, or all out low-end grind.

    Amazingly, the Terror Bass 1000 has the same compact dimensions as the other Terror series guitar amps. A gain knob allows you to dial in classic Orange bass grind at any volume and the 3 band EQ allows for easy tone shaping. The single input on the Terror Bass 1000 features an Active/Passive switch to match the output of virtually any bass. With its rugged design, high end components and undeniably awesome looks, the Orange Terror Bass 1000 amp head is sure to be a future classic!

    Note: The Bass Terror does not require re-biasing when replacing tubes."

    - Controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain, Active/Passive Switch
    - Features:
    - - Switchable Impedance 4 or 8 ohms
    - - Direct Out
    - - Padded Gig Bag
    - Output: 1000 Watts RMS
    - Dimensions(WxHxD): 12 x 6.75 x 5.5 inches (30x17x14cm)
    - Weight: 5kg/11lb

    From the web:

    "The 1200W Orange Amplifiers SP410 Bass Speaker Cabinet is compact and lighter than many other 4x10 enclosures. But don't let the bass cab's diminutive size fool you.

    Packing a whopping 1200W of power handling, the Orange SP410 bass cab's sound and presence is incredibly powerful. The bass cabinet's isobaric design separates the speakers into loudspeaker compartments that balance and maximize the bass tone. In practical terms, the use of isobaric loading in a loudspeaker maximizes bass frequency response.

    Add to the mix 4 Eminence Neodymium 10" speakers, and the Orange SP410 bass cabinet is absolutely an unstoppable bass speaker force. The response, power, and clarity of these impressive speakers will leave you breathless, as the bass tone is nothing short of monstrous.

    Weighing in at just 65 pounds, the SP410 bass cabinet is ideal for playing live. Its weight allows you to move Orange SP410 bass cabinet quickly and easily without a visit to the chiropractor just to load up your gear.
    Isobaric cabinet design: separated loudspeaker compartments
    4 ultra-lightweight 10" Neodymium loudspeakers (300 watt)
    Impedance: 8ohms
    Output: 1200 watts"
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    Dec 28, 2016
    Southern California
    In Oceanside, intersted. PM sent.
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