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    This is a FOR SALE FEELER ONLY. No trades. I don't want to sell this bass, but I'm about to empty 97% of all the money I have in the bank on a down payment on a house. I thought I would have time to save up for an emergency fund afterwards, but I just found out that I'm spending the last chunk of my savings for car repairs this week. So, here it goes:

    First Gen Yamaha TRB-6P in trans orange over Flamed Maple body wing caps w/ a piece of Walnut (or Mahogany or Rosewood??) in the middle.

    - 5-piece Maple/Mahogany neck-thru neck.
    - Wide and flat (39" radius = basically flat) Ebony 34" scale fingerboard
    - Wide spacing (19mm?)
    - Gold hardware w/ strap locks.
    - brass bridge w/ piezos
    - Upgraded Bartolini slim Jazz pickups (includes original Yamaha slims)
    - OHSC in great condition
    - I'm not sure of the weight, but this bass ain't for sissies! It took weeks of gradually playing it standing up with a strap for me to be able to do a whole show w/out sitting! That Maple is very solid and so is the tone.

    This thing is everything I ever wanted in a bass. It's darn near impossible to find a quality 34" scale 6 string w/ 4 string spacing. And the tone is to die for. It's crystal clear w/ plenty of funk, punch, balls, and bark when you want it. And the piezos can be Very useful.

    This is a slapper's dream! It's great for jazz or praise and worship situations. I actually used it in a metal/hard rock project for a while! It just works for everything.

    I'd rate the bass as a 8.5 out of 10. There are no chips, chunks of finish missing, or major flaws. The only flaws are small scratches on the back of the upper horn and on tummy contour. There are also some small lines on the back of the neck on the treble side about halfway down. They can be felt more than they can be seen, BUT they are not felt when playing. They don't effect playing. Gold plating on brass bridge has some tarnishing, but not terrible.
    I've heard some reports of these having faulty electronics/piezos, but I've had ZERO problems with it.

    I have to get $1350 shipped in the con US. I'll gladly ship internationally, but Email me for a quote.

    PICS: http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c154/moondoggy3/Yamaha TRB-6P/



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    MoonDoggy is the real deal :).
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    These are very well crafted instruments. I used to have one of these with the Bartolini mod and it kicked butt. Good luck with the sale and I hope you find funds elsewhere so you don't have to sell it. :)
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