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  1. Hello all, I have a compressor, an EQ, and a multi effects (mostly used for reverb or delay). I would like to put them all in the effects loop of my SVT4 Pro. The bass goes from a Line 6 G50 to the amp.

    The question I have is what order should I try first? I know there is a compressor guru lurking on here and I know he has an opinion on it. I'm being lazy tonight so instead of looking it up has anyone that has used a similar effects chain got an opinion here? (like eq last, comp first, multi-effect in the middle...)

    Thank you
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    Well on my eden navigator preamp the compressor is the very first thing, even before the input gain stage. Depending your technique and desired sound, I would go wireless, comp, amp, (loop) eq, multi.
  3. thank you, any others?
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