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ordering a Mesa - headshell or no headshell?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bchamorro, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. bchamorro


    Nov 13, 2007
    Miami, Florida
    I'm ordering a Mesa M-Pulse 600 and I wondering if the headshell is worth it? I don't plan on rack mounting it or anything.

    I was also wondering if the headshell version also includes the handles?
  2. Hey, I think in the longrun you will appreciate the rack version, I mean think about it, you buy the non rack model and want to add a tuner or a pre-amp its not going to be very easy to move around or organise, i know you have no intentions of doing so right now but you never know what you may NEED in the future, I would say the rack mount version is a safer option.
  3. I would highly recommend an SKB standard two space rack over the headshell. It's much lighter, MUCH more protective, smaller, and will leave room for cables in the back. The 600 also looks great in the SKB rack.

    Those headshells are cool, but they are heavy and end up making that head closer to a three rack space monster than the relatively lightweight 2 space unit that it actually is.


    PS... there is no 'headshell' version... just the standard 600 mounted in the headshell... so the handles are on it just like the 'standard' configuration.
  4. PS... if you go the the 'last minute Detroit GTG' thread in the 'social' section of the site, you will see a picture of my 600 in the SKB rack.
  5. bchamorro


    Nov 13, 2007
    Miami, Florida
    just got back from the store. I ordered the standard rackmount.

    So 2 space SKB rack is the way to go?
    or ATA?
  6. If you are doing a national tour with semi's and multiple roadies that don't care about your gear, ATA. For everything else, the SKB 2 space works great... waterproof, pretty much 'ding proof', nice quality hardware (which is attached to the lids, not the main compartment like the Gator stuff... so not rattling), and lightweight. You will have about 2" of space in the back of the rack, combined with another 2" in the rear lid... so plenty of room for a nice speakon cable, the power cable, and a nice 12" or so extension cord/strip.


    It's a great head....enjoy!
  7. bchamorro


    Nov 13, 2007
    Miami, Florida
  8. Personally, I don't get the Mesa cabinets. They are big, bulky and heavy. Everything I don't want in my case.
  9. Toffa


    Sep 10, 2007
    No headshell!

    They look cool but can't protect the head like a DD rack case.
  10. lowfreek

    lowfreek Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2006
    Central New York
    IMO, you won't be sorry for ordering the rack version. I bought my 2nd M-Pulse with the head case and flipped it rather quickly. Although they have a certain visual appeal, and certainly offer protection, they are very heavy and bulky (very well built, in typical Mesa style). There's ALOT of unused/unuseable space in there. I ended up ordering the front handles from Mesa (not REALLY necessary, IMO) and putting the head in a Road Ready ATA I already had. I rigged a nice little contraption in the rear lid with screw eyes and mini-bungees that hold my footswitch/cable and speaker cable very securely.

    You're going to love that head. Mine keeps me excited about bassin'! :bassist:

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