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Ordering my guitar tommorow!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Thunderbird91, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. woo hoo! I'm ordering this beast tommorow. I'll post some more pics when I get it. Isn't that sexy looking? I'm so happy! :hyper:

  2. justateenpoet

    justateenpoet Have you...killed the Venture brothers!?!?

    May 14, 2005
    Cool. All of the Gibson/Epi models with the 3 humbucker configuration are pretty sweet.
  3. The deed is done! Its coming monday or tuesday!
  4. ITS HERE!




    Its so nice looking. I will take a family portrait soon (T-bird and the F-bird)
  5. steve21

    steve21 Banned

    That's pretty nice in real life.

    I'm considering buying an Agile in the summer, after I get a job (And of course after I get my wah back... I miss it so).

    Those block inlays are pretty nice.
  6. very nice! i have never seen those being played sitting down though...they look like they don't balance well...either way, nice guitar!
  7. Well the table i set the camera on was to low to have me stand up. No one was able to take a picture of me so I just used the timer on the camera.... I am used to it because I have a thundebird. It is actually really comfortable to play sitting down.
  8. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Maybe you should change your handle to 'The Invisible Man'.

    Sweet axe, bro'. Enjoy!
  9. Minger


    Mar 15, 2004
    Rochester, NY

    Shiny, and looks nice :D

    I want to get a Tbird bass, but I've heard bad things about the versitility of it all...:p
  10. That's sexy enough to be banned in at least seven states. Nice purchase, good sir.
  11. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Pretty hip. :cool: Is the switching the same as the three-pickup Les Paul?
  12. I guess. Up is rhythm and middle pickup. middle is all 3. down is lead.
  13. Ah, so it's one of those "middle-always-on" deals. I bet having all three on sounds kinda cool.
  14. [​IMG]

    self portraits suck.
  15. anonymous278347457

    anonymous278347457 Guest

    Feb 12, 2005
    G.A.S taking over!

    i want one bad! bass or guitar
  16. justateenpoet

    justateenpoet Have you...killed the Venture brothers!?!?

    May 14, 2005



    The resemblance is frightening...:ninja:
  17. hmm..... interesting comparison.

    oh and here is the new family shot. Its decieving but the t-bird's neck is longer but from the angle i took it at it looks the same.