Ordering my new head today...need opinions

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  1. Right now my #1 candidate is a new Traynor YBA200

    I was quoted a price of 525 +25 s/h...so is there any thing better out there in the 550 range or is this the cream of the crop???

    ps, I'll be using this with an Avatar B210 and SB115

    I have until 12pm to decide because that 's when I'm calling to make the order
  2. Char-Lee


    Aug 29, 2002
    Spokane, WA
    What are the specs on the amp, Wattage? Ohms?, You can buy an ampeg B2R with graphic eq for right around $549, and I probably could do that including shipping. I carry those amps in stock if you would like to chat about them call me up at 1-888-811-8338. I'll be at the shop at 10am pacific time.

  3. Oh I've played the B2R....I didn't like it too much

    I am moving from my big rig...

    Furman rr15nl>
    Presonus Bluemax>
    BBE 362>
    Sansamp RBI>
    Carvin DCM1500>
    Avatar B410

    to something more light weight...

    The traynor is 44 pounds of all tube goodness....200 watts (tube) at 4 ohm.
  4. I dont think you're gonna find a head as good as this for such a low price anywhere. DEFINATELY get the Traynor. And post a review and pics when you get it!
  5. I just ordered my Traynor...they said it'll be here in about 5 days....I'm excited and will post reviews/pics once I get my full rig (ordering my cabs on friday)
  6. Rockbobmel

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    NO.! Get the Traynor. It is a stellar amp that should cost twice as much... I recommend www.rockcityguitar.com If I did not have a Mesa 400+, I would buy one in a heartbeat.!