Ordering Tubes From Canada?

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  1. Hi folks! Any other Canucks out there no where I can order tubes online without paying the $50 brokerage fee to get them across the border? I just switched out all the tubes for my amp and found one of them ($24) is faulty. If I want it replaced, I have to pay shipping to have it returned plus the brokerage fee which is the killer. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I don't play with tubes that much, but my valve junior says that this knowledge would be helpful to me as well. I'm sure you could get some from long and mcquade, and I believe axe music, in your province, sells some as well, but they seem to not sell too many varieties.
  3. http://www.thetubestore.com/
    Our address:
    120 Lancing Drive, Unit 8
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8W 3A1

    Problem solved! I have used them down here in the US, good people and not one problem.
  4. I bought tubes from: "The Tube Store" recently , as B-string is showing above, no problems , shipped quickly .
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    Everybody should have a B-string, way to go man...:smug:
  6. ;)
  7. Thanks again, man! I think you're the poster who told me the sub I can use for the 5AR4 as well!
  8. Yes sir, I help where I can. :)
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    What? The GZ34?? :D
  10. Not a long walk for us old folk eh Paul? :) OP also miss read the 5AR4 as SAR4 that's not a long walk either, easy thing to do if you are not aware of how tubes are designated. Sometimes old still works :cool:
  11. Got the tubes today, and aside from the S6L7 (hope I got it right - used my glasses this time) that hissed and crackled, enjoying it after a 2 week wait and trundling the SVT/4X10 home every week. All I had to do was replace the tube with one of the old ones, and it's ok for now, but would like to have them all new since 5 of them are now.
  12. 6SL7 but close enough! :)
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    +1. Ordered from them a few times with no issue.
  15. Stronger glasses maybe? :oops:
  16. Thetubestore is good but as an FYI, if you use the USPS shipping option instead of something like Fedex or UPS you won't need to pay brokerage fees. Anything valued over $200-$250 you may have to pay taxes on though.
  17. Up to now I've been using Tubes and More out of Az. I think. They've been good, reliable, and I've got no complaints with them. They've offered to ship a new tube free of charge. I'll check if they'll use USPS and save that fee. Thanks for the tip!
  18. Tubes and more (originally Antique Radio Supply) is also one of my sources. I've had maybe two bad tubes in 15 or so years and they always took care of any trouble without any hassle. Usually Tube Store beats them for matched output tube prices and at times small signal tubes.
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    Fixed it for ya Jon. Now don't be grumpy!! :D
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    I always order from the tube store myself. I once ordered power tubes from the tube depot and one of them wasn't matched. I have never had this problem from the tube store. Good prices and you will never get a bad tube.