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Organizing a Benefit

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by GreggBummer, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. If this is in the wrong forum... I apologize in advance.

    I am a veteran. I served two tours in Iraq, two in Bosnia, and I served in the US Army for close to 13 years.

    My intent is to organize a small benefit to raise money for veterans returning to the Philadelphia area who are struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I hope to hold the benefit on or around Veterans Day, in November of 2009.

    I have a few charities that seem sort of interested. I have a some bars/clubs that have showed interest as well. However, I would rather get a small venue. Getting a few bands together seems like it should be an easy thing to do (I have already booked my band;) )

    My questions revolve around the idea of making the benefit a not-for-profit. A 501 (c). This would open up several small venues here in South Jersey or Philadelphia that allow benefits at a reduced price. One venue, The Scottish Rite Theater here in Collingswood, NJ is a nearly half price for non-profit organizations. Does anyone have any experience setting up a benefit? I am curious about how the money is generated.

    The original plan was to just get a few bands together and play a bar. Charge a cover and donate it. Maybe get the bar to kick in a percentage of the bar take. Then donate the money to the charity. This is probably the way to go... but I am keeping my options open and I am looking for some ideas.

  2. My band set one up last summer. You need to find a charity and email a rep(make sure the charity is legit, do your research). We booked a venue that gave us a good rate because it was a benefit and charged everyone at the door. Then just deposited the money and wrote a check to the charity.
  3. Stumbo

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    Maybe you can find a non-profit that is already providing the needed services. If you work through them, you won't have to set up your own non-profit. It's a bit of paper work and accounting. Not to say you couldn't do it, but it may not be worthwhile to set one up for a limited period of time since the IRS gives a provisional non-status until you can prove that you are actually a non-profit organization. It takes awhile.

    Here's a link that may help: http://nonprofit.about.com/
  4. Stumbo,

    Thanks for the link. I was considering the nonprofit for future benefits... I would like to do this once a year. But first I need to get past the first event. Thanks.
  5. Definetly find a charity to donate to, i would talk to local businesses about sponsoring the event as well as sort of a fund raising type of deal (they pay you the money you need to rent the club/ pay bands) so you start out the night as a zero sum and every cent you recieve you can donate. Thats how the two good benefit shows I've played have been organized.

    Thank you for your service and I'm glad you're home safe!!
  6. You can also get some local businesses (restaurants etc) to donate either money or services the day of the show. We had a local burger joint bring a grill and sell burgers and hot dogs and then donated all the profit to the charity as well. Really good PR for any local business really.

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