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Orig Flexocor solo strings

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by sdjbass, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. sdjbass


    Mar 11, 2003
    Greensboro, NC
    I currently use Original Flexocor strings on my bass, be need some solo strings. All of my peers and teacher use Orchestral Helicore strings and for soloing the Solo version. I have tried them on my bass, and my bass hated them, i assume the same will be true with the solo version.

    My teacher was telling me how Piastro changed flexocor a while ago and since then it has been hard to tell which string is which. I am looking for the Solo equivallent of the Original Flexocor string, if indeed there is one. a reply would be much appreciated
  2. From everything I have seen , Original Flexocor aren't offered in solo tuning , New Flexocors are though. Might be worth a shot. For the Bottesini elegy , I plan on getting Jargar Dolces and then keeping them , (back into orch. tuning)......
  3. The solo-tuning equivalent of the Original Flexocor is the solo-tuning Original Flatchromesteel. (also made by Pirastro)
    (FYI, the Original Flatchrome is the exact same string as the Original Flexocor, the sole difference is the former is selected with a closer tolerance range and therefore sold a little higher price)
  4. sdjbass


    Mar 11, 2003
    Greensboro, NC
    thanks alot man, looking at their discriptions on Lemur, they look practically the same. Piastro is dumb for changing the names.
  5. CB3000

    CB3000 Supporting Member

    How do the orignal flexocor (and flatchrom solo) compare with jargar dolce? are they a bit brighter? i'm looking for something a tad brighter than jargar. thanks!
  6. Before 1992, they had Flexocors, which then became Original Flexocor, because they launched a new Flexocor (so-called Flexocor 92's) with different construction and materials, and more affordable. (different design too)
    They also had Eudoxa steels.
    The Eudoxa steels became the Original Flatchromesteels and they launched a new Flatchromesteel with a completely different design.
    Eudoxas became the silver-on-gut strings we know today.
    Talk about confusion... :)

    Back then, they also had a very good solid-steel core string called "Ultra-sensitive", which was modified (read: made cheaper...) and became the Chromcors we know today.
    The Ultra-Sensitive was much better though!
    I'd say the general quality of Pirastro strings dropped a lot when they made all these changes.
    I'm not saying they're not good quality.
    Just that they were much better then...
  7. I assume you mean at orchestra pitch:
    Original Flexocors G&D are much brighter but the A&E are quite dark.
    The solo Flats are darker than Original Flexocors. (at orch pitch)
    Now, are they brighter than Jargars?
    Depends on the gauge of the Jargars you choose. (three gauges available)
    Depends on your bass.
    Don't take my word as the absolute truth!
    Do as I did: try them for yourself!
    There are simply too much factors involved to make wide statements.
    Over the years I' tried several dozens of strings, on several basses (all plywoods), and now on EUBs since about 8 or 9 years. (third EUB right now)
    Each bass reacted a different way to the strings I tried, so be your own judge!

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