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Original Dan Armstrong Lucite, SWR - SM-500 Head

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Mike CTW, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Mike CTW

    Mike CTW

    Jan 14, 2002
    Detroit MI
    Original 1969-1972 issue Ampeg - Dan Armstrong lucite bass. This bass is 30 years old and has all original pieces. Including original fake wood like plate, knobs, pickup, and rosewood bridge. It's an absolute rock n roll collectible. It has it's own unique sound with a variable tone knob. This original bass such as this is only has one pickup but it's custom made so it's got two sets of coils. The tone control goes from way trebly to very thick and deep. You basically have to hear it to understand. If you don't remember this bass is made out of lucite it's clear see through with a rosewood neck. It's the best looking stage bass you will find. Cache from Rival schools has played one since his days in early Iceburn. Geezer played one on Volume 4. So why am I selling it if it's so cool? Well I got two of them and even though much I'd like to own this one still I need to buy a fender for studio use. Also for Radio Holiday I need to have a sound that compliments the enormous guitars that fill up the sound. I can give you Kent Armstrong's email address and have him make you a custom pickup for it, and even give you the chemicals and instructions to polish it so it would look brand new. I have an Ampeg soft gigbag you can have. This bass is incredibly rare and is very sought after it took me months to find one that I was happy with. I might trade this for a original american 70's ish Fender P or Jazz bass

    Picture of me playing it used on the back of the RH cd -


    I am also selling a SWR sm - 500 Bass head in a single tight rack case. 500 WATTS Solid State. It's pretty pimp at medium and lower volume but it doesn't compare to vintage ampeg all tube svt that I am now using in the band. One knob is broke off that is never used anyways its the treble knob when you are running it in mono mode. I use it in 250 watt per side stereo mode with a SWR 8 x 10 CAB. Heres specs on it on the SWR site. Getting your sound takes a while because of the big variable EQ and tone but there are detailed manuals you can print out on line. I would trade you this head and $500 for a vintage tube svt (yeah right).


    Message me online if you are interested in seeing and making a serious offer on any of this gear.

    Email me at manager@bigcd.com or IM me on AOL at BigCDmusic.

    Wish the band luck we have commercial airplay on Detroit / Windsor's 89x coming up. Radio Holiday is kind of like the Foo Fighters but more indie rock.
  2. Mike CTW

    Mike CTW

    Jan 14, 2002
    Detroit MI
    Items have been traded for a 1979 Music Man.

    Still have a reissue DA, with a brand new P bass like pickup. Wails and plays better than daddy armstrong.