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Orlando Area

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by JoseNeville, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Hi Guys:

    I will be in the Orlando area the next month( july 19-august 7). I would like to find some places that play Jazz. I don't know if Jeff Berlin, Dave LaRue or Beaver Felton have a gig in the area. I will visist Bass Central:D . and the others music stores. I need a good luthier to do some job on my bass, If you know anyone please tell me. I need to buy a cheaper bass new or used, any places.

    Jose Neville
  2. Jose -

    I think I can answer a few of your questions ;)...

    As of right now, neither Beaver or Dave have any gigs lined up that I'm aware of in the area. I will check with them both to see if that will remain the fact, although I won't see Dave for a couple weeks.

    If you need any information about Bass Central (directions, hours of operation, etc), PM or e-mail me, and I'll be happy to help you out. As for buying a bass, well....there is only one GOOD place in Orlando! ;) I can definitely direct you to a good repair place, as a matter of fact, there are two. Either Grasshopper at Bass Central or Bill & Doug at The Guitar Factory are excellent.

    For places to catch good bands, there are many in the area, but who's where when is hard to know until the time of your visit. Check out the Orlando Weekly magazine when you get to town for acts & venues, it's a free paper and you can find it almost everywhere in town. I'll keep an ear out, and if anything interesting is coming up, I can let you know (it's likely that my band is playing, and you can come heckle me! :D).

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