SOLD Ormsby BassGTR 6 Dragonburst 6-String Multiscale Bass (UPGRADED)

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    For sale here is a used Ormsby BassGTR 6 multiscale six-string bass guitar. This bass is from Ormsby's sole run of production basses in 2018, and is therefore somewhat rare now. It has been well used for practice, rehearsals, and gigs, but great care has been taken to keep it in immaculate condition. There are no chips, scratches, or blemishes of any kind. It has, however, received a few upgrades to improve tonal options and playability. Those upgrades are as follows:

    -The stock pickups have been replaced with Dingwall-designed, Nordstrand-produced FD3n pickups, modified to perfectly match the string spacing of this bass. These pickups, which are the same ones that can be found in Dingwall Combustion and NG basses, sound clear, modern, and way better than the stock pickups (which are nevertheless still included in this listing).

    -Multiple electronic components in the control cavity have been upgraded for increased tonal variety. The volume knob is now push/pull for active/passive switching, two of the onboard preamp knobs are now push/pull for switching the pickup coils between parallel and series, and the blend knob has been replaced with a 5-position rotary switch for stepped blending between the two pickups.

    -The tuner for the low B string has been replaced with a color-matched Hipshot Ultralite Bass X-Tender for drop tuning. The original tuner is included in this listing.

    -In mid-2020, this bass got a fret leveling and setup from NC Guitar Works, so the frets are very level.

    Some other features/specs:
    -Swamp ash body
    -Ormsby pink-to-blue Dragonburst finish
    -Maple/wenge neck
    -Carbon fiber neck reinforcements
    -Maple fingerboard
    -Stainless steel frets
    -36.9"-33.1" multiscale fan
    -Compound fretboard radius (9" to 16")
    -Luminlay glow-in-the-dark side dots
    -Hipshot Ultralite tuners
    -Darkglass Tone Capsule preamp
    -Individual string bridges
    -Black hardware

    Comes with:
    -A hard shell case
    -Original pickups
    -Original low B tuner
    -Adjustment tools

    This is truly a special bass. A number of guitar companies are doing multiscale basses, but very few are doing multiscale 6 strings, and even fewer are doing a (approx.) 37" low B string. Ormsby really nailed it with the specs, and the upgraded pickups and electronics take the quality over the edge. It plays great, sounds great, and looks great. I am only selling it to fund the bass of my dreams (which this one *almost* was).

    This bass is comparable in spec/quality to a Dingwall Combustion 6 string (2 pickup model), for significantly less than one of those would be brand new. I am willing to compromise on price (especially for buyers local to Charlotte, NC), but the bass is priced appropriately to it's quality, so lowball offers will not be considered.

    Paypal accepted, shipping varies by location (but will likely be around $100).

    Hear how this exact bass sounds:

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