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Oscar Cartaya Fender Bass!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by NJL, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    Has anyone heard of this? Oscar is coming out with a Fender Sig version!

    What do you think?
  2. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    Is it based on a P or a J?
  3. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    I have no idea. My boss got an email from him talking about his band calendar and in the email it talked about a sig bass that is coming out.

    If you happen to find out anything keep us posted as I plan to do the same.
  4. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I'm assuming it's a P because here he is with his #1 '76 P-bass:

  5. :cool:

    FWIW - Oscar always played a Jazz with Spyro Gyra. All of the recordings I have, are clearly speaking the voice of a Jazz as well.

    Saw SG live with Mr. Cartaya twice (and once with Scott Ambush, another stellar bassist). When Spyro Gyra performs, of course you have solos from each bandmember. But, when Oscar or Scott finish their solo, they were the only bandmembers that received a standing ovation. Now that is a bass solo to be measured by, folks :cool: . Not to discredit the likes of Tom Schumann, Dave Samuels, Ritchie Morales, Jay Beckenstein, or Julio Fernandez. They are all stellar players.

    a sudden irresistable craving for spyro .... mmmmm :)
  6. pilotjones

    pilotjones Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    As tpylons referenced, it says on Fender's Basstreet.com site that he plays a '76 P.

    I have recorded tracks with him, but no bass parts - horns, keys, and percussion - so I couldn't say. Nice guy, though.
  7. If you ask me there aren't enough P Bass sigs (Mark Hoppus and the now extinct Steve Harris). I think it's cool that Fender's making him one.
  8. Kai Sanchez

    Kai Sanchez Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    It's a jazz bass with 75' reissue pickups.
  9. How come no one seems to know fender came out with a new steve harris sig?
  10. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    if this isn't an old thread, i don't know what is LOL :D
  11. Joe Gress

    Joe Gress

    Dec 22, 2005
    Pueblo, CO
  12. Kyon`


    Aug 17, 2007
    Boston, MA
    Hm five years in the making.
  13. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
  14. ah...that would explain it. Whoopsie!

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