Oteil Bass vs. Q6

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nate 0 jt, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Could someone please fill me in as to the differance in sound these 2 basses are? The only differances are that the Otiel bass has the semi-hollo body and the lane poor pickups and bartolin(?) electronics. Could someone compare the 2 in terms of sound for me? Thanks a lot, nate

    PS I kno i missed a couple of letters, my double U key doesnt function correctly :)
  2. trainyourhuman


    Apr 12, 2000
    Well, for starters, the Oteil bass no longer comes with LPs, because they no longer exist. That sucks. I don't remember if you can get the active passive switch anymore either.

    The differences in sound were fairly obvious to me. The O just sounded more "open". I mean "airier". The tone of O brings out the fundamental more than the Q imo. The O might be a little natural sounding if you know what I mean. It also sweetens the highs a little. You really can't go wrong with either. The O is also rather neck heavy, and moduli are generally neck heavy to begin with. Hope this helped a little.
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