other fx similar to the Green Ringer?

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  1. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    I've always loved the way Frank Zappa used the Dan Armstrong Green Ringer on his guitar solos,

    It had a unique quality to it,
    the way the effect seemed to morph in and out of the note being played,
    it would squeeze all these cool octaves and overtones out of each note..

    I've never, ever tried a ring modulator, although I know the basic sound it has..

    Is there anything similar to that original circuit available?
    ...preferably in a nice,reliable,modern package?

    my other question, is there a ring mod. effect that allows those overtones to auto-modulate?
    I would prefer not to use an expression pedal to control the parameters,
    if the effect could be set to slowly sweep through the spectrum by itself, that'd be cool..
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    Oct 17, 2005
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    FWIW there are several people making clones of the Green Ringer, and some easy and inexpensive kits are available.

    Also, unfortunately, IME they don't work out as well on bass as they do on guitar. It cuts some low end, and even if you do the usual mods for retaining bass, it still sounds not so bassy. And because the effect output includes the original dry signal, inverted, using a clean blend actually causes MORE bass loss due to phase cancellation.

    If I was going to use it again, I would either use it only for times I didn't want boomy low bass anyway, or I would use it in a crossover loop so the lows didn't even go into the GR.
  3. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    I should have specified that,Bongo.. yup.. using it for lead guitar,

    I use a Les Paul,Vox tube amp,a crybaby, occasionally some compression..
    and just the natural overdive and reverb from the amp..

    I'm thinking of getting an effect or two to mix it up a bit on my solos,get some color,textures..
    i was thinking of a green ringer and a good Flanger,maybe the ADA...or a Subdecay Starlite

    I've seen the green ringer kits, which I'm not interested in.
    my electronics building skills are at the Lego level of difficulty,
    plus my job and daddy-ing duties keeps me busy round the clock.
    ..so no kits.

    but I'm interested in buying something that will sound like the Armstrong effect,
    possibly with more parameters..
  4. General Guitar Gadgets has a kit for it. Its a real easy build.
  5. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    who's better than you, Bongo?
    the Ronsound looks accurate,or more accurate,by the description..they look so cool,too.

    thank u very much!
    no daisy chaining with a power supply though, sucks.

    .wonder if i could gut it and stick it inside my guitar? that would be cool.
    routing a les paul=not so cool though, but the end result would be niiice. (assuming it worked)