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Ottawa area shout out. Porcupine tree show.

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Steve-O18, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Steve-O18


    Feb 19, 2003
    Ottawa, Ontario
    I didn't know exactly where to post this. I hope it's the right place.

    If there are any TBers in the ottawa area, just wanted to say that Porcupine tree is gonna be doing a show at Barrymore's october 4th. I just picked up my ticket last week and I can't wait to see them. This is so exciting.
  2. Guess what....I'm seeing them in October too!! But I live in New York, so I get the excitement of drinking some beer on a train then wandering through Manhatten for an hour first, THEN I get to see Porcupine Tree.
    BTW--I just discovered this band a few months ago and I've completely fallen in love with their "In Absentia" album. Anyone who likes some mellow prog rock (with just a dash of Pink Floyd), GET THIS ALBUM.
  3. After finding out they are playing in toronto, me and my friends are all going to see them.
  4. Steve-O18


    Feb 19, 2003
    Ottawa, Ontario
    MikeyFingers... you're gonna have to report after you see them the 1st so I can psych myself up for their show even more. I'm looking forward to this so much.
    Oh and by the way, I strongly recommend you pick up "Stupid dream" and "Deadwing" and well.. any other porcupine tree CD you can find. they're all good.

    Hamzter, how far are you from toronto? is it a big trip fo ryou to go see them?
  5. ^ I have Deadwing too, it has some really good songs but I wasn't crazy about the entire album. I've also heard a few songs from Stupid Dream, what I've heard was really good. The only song I can remember by name is Stranger By The Minute.
  6. Steve-O18


    Feb 19, 2003
    Ottawa, Ontario
    wow, talk about quick response.

    I agree that in absentia completely blows stupid dream and deadwing away. There is one song off of stupid dream that is particularly awsome. It has a great fretless bass "solo" near the middle. I'm pretty sure it's "Don't hate me", but I could be wrong. Enjoy
  7. WWWOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change of plans, but it's a change for the better! October 1st: Porcupine Tree. October 3rd: OAR (one of my favorite jambands). BUT, also on October 3rd, TESTAMENT!!!!!! I don't know if you're much of a metalhead, but for me, seeing Testament live is going to be like an out-of-body experiance. I've been waiting to see them live for the last 6 years, they haven't come to NY ONCE since I've been listening to their music. And now, FINALLY, they're coming here for one night only in a small club about 30 minutes from my house. Not even in the city, just a club on Long Island. YYESSS!!! Only thing is, I reaalllly want to see OAR too. But I'll have to assume that they will come back some other time, because when I have to pick between OAR and Testament......well that's like picking between a BJ and a kick in the face, NO CONTEST. Testament please!
  8. Vorago

    Vorago (((o)))

    Jul 17, 2003
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Testament :cool:

    And I'm seeing Porcupine Tree as well! Somewhere in December I think.
  9. Prahainspring


    Oct 22, 2002
    New Jersey
    MikeyFingers: I'll be at the October 1st show aswell. Where are you sitting at, we could possibly meet up?
  10. DDXdesign

    DDXdesign formerly 'jammadave' Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Wash DC metro area
    Are they playing any closer to DC than New York?? I NEED to see PT live, they're my new "favorite band ever". I have Deadwing, In Absentia, and a burned copy of Stupid Dream. Each time I put one of those albums in the car, I just tend to let it repeat for a few days.
  11. fraublugher


    Nov 19, 2004
    ottawa, ontario, canada
    music school retailer
    thanks for the heads-up ;)
  12. about an hour and a half drive, although we might be driving to hamilton then catching the bus.
  13. I haven't got the ticket yet. I'm f**kin' broke right now, so as soon as I cash my pay check which should be later today or maybe tomorrow I plan on getting a ticket. I'll let you know in the next 2 or 3 days. Oh, and yet ANOTHER change in my concert schedule. As I said in my last post, I had to pick between Testament and OAR. Well, I was wrong. Testament's playing on the SECOND! SO I get to see, in this order, Porcupine Tree, Testament, and OAR on consecutive days. That's gonna be one ridiculous weekend.