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Our first gig! What a thrill!

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Skyblue977, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. On Saturday night, my gui**** and I hired the top band in town, The Nashberries, consiting of Dave, Al and Neil to play at a party we were throwing as a sort of late 40th for me at my house. They were gracious enough to allow us to do a few tunes during their first break. Here's how it went:

    Dave turns up abt 3.30 and unloads and sets up. Abt 4.00 we rehearse our 4 songs with him on the drums. It all gels first time so we leave at at that as we are preparing food drink etc for a big turnout of about 50. People start rolling up abt 6 and the first band starts abt 6.30 and goes for abt 1hr. Next is the Nashberries and they are hot. Al has a 68’ Tele and Dave was playing bass with Neil on drums. They play for an hour and have a few “guests” open blues harp (I reckon they were ring-ins as they all had their own equipment and special mics.)

    The crowd are now happy dancing away merrily and those not dancing are having a great time.

    They take a break and Dave calls us up and after a 1 minute warm up we belt into Nips Are Getting Bigger with Dave on drums. It was tight, the levels were great, I was grinning from ear to ear! The floor was packed with dancers and the whole joint was watching us! We finish Nips and receive cheers and applause! We are really grinning by now and get stuck into our shortened Bad Boy For Love and it goes off and we get more cheers and applause. Here’s where it gets even better- Dave directs Neil to the drums and picks up his Strat to back Andrew and we launch into our 12 bar number, Trailer Park Blues (our own composition). Bear in mind, we had only rehearsed with Dave on drums once and that was 4pm before the gig! We now have Neil on drums whom we had not played with before!. We’re cooking by now even with our new drummer and after Andrews solo, we hear the piano being played like it was possessed! Unbeknown to Andrew and Myself, a bloke called Wayne had been recruited by Dave to play this song with us! He was HOT on the piano this guy! Next Jody one the the blues harp players joins in. Oh man, this is now going off! We finish this song and now the cheering is thunderous and I’ve got the biggest smile my face has ever seen! We had no idea these guys were going to join us for this song and Dave just smiled and nodded his head! (I should have wised up when Wayne asked me to amp the piano just before we came on!)

    We head into our last song Johnny B Good and it cooks too! More applause and lots of congrats and hi-fives from almost everyone in the joint. What a buzz! It was an incredible thrill and I’m still amazed that we not only pulled it off, but played so well!

    What an incredible thrill this was for myself and my gui****! We're going to do it again in December and hopefully we will be good enough to fill the whole support slot by then.

    The pics are here http://s125.photobucket.com/albums/p74/v19c/September 20 Party/
  2. Fetusyolk


    Aug 7, 2008
    sounds like a good time, congrats on the awsome show. Gotta record that stuff next time :)

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