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Our first official song recording...!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by szvonek, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. My band just recorded a song and posted it on mp3.com...check it out, any feedback is appreciated, good or bad:

    "Nineteen" by Ameba

    I was pretty stoked because my Ampeg B100-R had a better sound than the studio's amp, so I used all my own gear for the recording. I'm pretty happy with the tone, but looking back I wish it was a little more chunky, like Kravitz or Cake...oh well...
  2. Superdave


    Apr 20, 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    I'm liking it. Good song, the bass sounds good, doing it's own thing.
  3. thanks man!

    anyone else? feel free to critique it too...don't hold back people! all comments are welcome...good or bad
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    Sweet Lord
  5. I'm really liking this song. Everything sounds very good on this. I like the bass's tone on it alot, the guitar has a nice-sounding tone on it, and i like the voice in it. i could imagine hearing this on the radio one day. im digging it alot. ill bookmark the mp3.com site for you's and check back every so often to see if any new songs are up. good job
  6. thanks Jordan...appreciate the comments. it'll probably be a while before we record something else since we're pretty strapped for cash. but we're really anxious to do it again, it was a lot of fun.
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  8. Well, in that case, let me unload.

    First things first, a big hard to please music critic hear (I have yet hear a great local band), so you can trust my what I say, and what I have to say is:

    OH MY GOD!

    I was blown away by the quality of the recording! It does not sound amateurish at all: VERY high quality and VERY professional!

    Awesome vocals--not great of course, but extremely original (somewhat like a mixture of Faith No More & The Cure)

    Good stereo mix
    Great intro
    Good guitar solo
    Great drummer!!! (I AM STILL AMAZED!)
    (His cymbals and snare are great--what is he using?)

    Ok, the moment of truth (band name's been taken--don't think about): Your bass tone is good, but it very low volume-wise and very deep, thusly (that was for you Joker ;)) it gets burried in the mix. If I listen carefully I can hear most of the notes, but you can easily forget it's there. I hear it just fine during the intro and first verse, but after that, what happened? I practically don't hear it at all during the chorus or the guitar solo....

    If I mixed it, I would have made your bass louder, and added some mids to make it to cut through better. But that's just a bass player talking of course, so others (epecially your guitarist) might not find that ideal.

    Lyrics: Not bad. At first they didn't really stick in my head, but after listening to for the 3rd time, they grew on me. Not an easy thing to do for me... Most lack substance and aren't worth singing, but these are sort of not like that. They could be better, but they're good enough.

    OVERALL: Good song. I was swaying my head while listening to it. It's got a good melody and a good driving beat. [Hold on, Radiohead came on...] [Ok, back--gotta love "Paranoid Android"]

    So where was I?... Oh yeah, so I'd loved to hear some of your other songs. I think I may have some future competition up ahead...

    --Sean "The Storm"

    P.S. I am a communications student at SJU. I am a bassist/songwriter/singer/music critic/food critic/movie critic--you name it, I do it all (except review video games). I plan on working for a record company to sign/critique bands, and help bassists like you... Oh, almost forgot I'm a cartoonist too... I hope I helped 'cause that's my job; I don't intend on putting people down. :)
  9. thanks...we went to a really good studio here in Columbus, so that's all due to them.

    He didn't use his own kit (Ludwig Vistalites); we rented the studio's kit, it was a nice Ludwig kit (don't remember what model) with Sabian cymbals.

    I don't hear the bass cutting out like that after the first verse, but I'll take another listen, that's weird. I agree on the tone, I wish it had stronger mids to cut through better, it is pretty deep.

    that's nice to hear...we'd love to record more but we're pretty broke. hopefully sooner than later...

    definitely! thanks again for the detailed review, those are hard to come by...appreciate it...

  10. Automatic_Man


    Apr 3, 2003
    Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. I kinda think the singer sounds a bit much like Marilyn Manson and the words are alright (no real hook to them). I enjoy the bass on it, though I agree that it would have sounded better with a little more mid in it. Very talented guitar player, I like the solo. Overall it sounds very good.

    My band has a record (recorded, mixed and co-produced by my big brother) and you can hear a song off of it at verticalinsanity.tk in the music section for local bands (the quality on the website is kinda crappish). How on earth do you get your music on that website?
  11. You mean on mp3.com? It's really easy, you just go to the Artist Area (I think the link is in the upper right-hand corner) and it takes you through the process step-by-step. Thanks for the review too...
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    (I just made that joke up so cut me some slack.)

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