Out jacks for In Jacks on cabs.

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  1. IM just wondering what other output jacks on amps can plug into a cab and do what the cab is spose to normally do.
    EG, head phone out -> spkr in (on cab)

    can any other things like that work?

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    No. The manufacturers put the names there for a reason.

    Never plug a speaker out into a line in!

    I don't know if you hurt something by connecting a headphone to your lineout or FX send, but it won't work in any case.

    Sometimes you can use a phone out as a line out, but it's not recommended.

    You can use a (serial) FX send as a line out and a FX return as a line in though.
  3. oh well looks like i get a power amp run a lead from pre amp out, on my combo to the power amp in then fro the pwr amp i go into a cab
    that will work right?
  4. Hello Steve. Thought I'd add a few comments, here.

    The headphones-out socket is meant to drive phones, although it's almost always connected to the speaker in a combo or the speaker out socket on a head. The difference between phones out and speaker out is inside the head / combo and is almost certainly accomplished in the same way as it would be done on your hifi. That difference is a resistor that's placed in series with the phones jack and is there quite simply to reduce the power to the phones which, in turn, stops you blowing your head off when you turn up the volume. The main speakers are also disconnected, of course.

    Many phones are the same impedance as the speaker: 4 or perhaps more usually 8 Ohms.

    Manufacturers often use the same terms to do different jobs. Eg. Line out can also be the same as preamp out which is sometimes called FX out or similar. Line in, poweramp in, FX in can also mean the same thing. Sometimes, though, there's switching associated with these line ins and outs that may switch off the signal and route it somewhere else within the system.

    You're usually OK to run another slave and speaker from Line out / preamp out and you'd usually get all the preamps facilities from these outputs.

    I guess, though, a check through the user handbook would reveal all - or the makers WWW if not.

    Rockin John
  5. oh ok i see now. i just checked out prices on cabs and pwr amps. hehe i might aswell just buy another combo hehe