Out of the house system and just using my amp

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    Our sound guy quit. For some time he has insisted I just play through our house monitors. I decided to just go along and let him worry about the sound and I would focus on my playing. He was right that the tone through my GK MB115 was pretty muddy.
    I was going into the house through a Zoom B3 set up with an SVT amp, some compression that the sound guy set up for me and a noise gate.
    Our house is a either a Mackie DL1608 or DL806 with two spearkers and a woofer. That's all I know about the house.
    A lot has changed since then. We have moved from an old movie theater that absorbed all the sound to a church with high ceilings and a row of windows on one side. It is like playing inside of a reverb tank.
    Our drummer is also using electronic drums now. It seemed like the combination of my bass and his drums through the house was overwhelming the sound system. We had a hard time getting good dynamics because the sound seemed to drop if we both hit it hard at the same time.
    This week I decided to go through my little Ampeg BA-108 and not through the house.
    Everyone said we sounded better than we ever had. The dynamics were back and my little 25 watt amp was actually loud enough.
    Now I'm thinking this is the perfect opportunity to buy a low wattage tube amp. Maybe an old Traynor YB-1 with a small 2x10 cab. I see lots of the old Traynors for sale at reasonable prices. Suggestions? Comments?