Out with the new and in with the old

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  1. I had a set of DR Sunbeam's on my Jazz5 for a long time. Without going into the nitty gritty, I ordered a new set of Sunbeams, 45-125 and put them on a month ago. As I've been doing some recording lately I had tested my basses to see which one I liked recording with the most and would have thought that the Jazz5 would be a contender if not the winner. I just didn't like the way it sounded with these strings, even though a month old. Even in my mind, while practicing, I remembered liking the sound of the Sunbeams that I took off. There have been sounding so much different, though the only difference is the low B, where I tried the 125 rather than 130. But that isn't it.

    So last night I put the old Sunbeams back on and am more comfortable with that sound. They were on the bass for months before putting new strings, but I am more comfortable with the sound, at least for the type of music I've been called on to do.

    As a side note, one of the things that pushed me to try a new set was that with the 45-130's, the low B, at least after time, was significantly louder than the others. As a stop-gap before getting new strings I swapped out that low B for a D'Addario NYXL taper-core 130 which seemed a better balance. Upon a conversation with DR, we decided that I should try 45-125's. They balance very well on this bass, but I guess I just needed a more broken in sound. The new set will go back in the drawer until the old strings totaly bite the dust.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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    I haven’t done the same set back-to-back; but I did just try out 5-6 sets of strings, and cycled back to my old DR Sunbeams. Love those strings
  3. I often try out new strings. Most of the time I like them, and sometimes I do not. Every now and then I find one I like, play it a while, and then go back to a set I previously used just because I miss it. Not so unusual.
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  4. I do that often, particularly with acoustic guitars. But the thing is that with the exception of the low B string the old set was the identical set to the new set; DR Sunbeam 45-105... originally with 130B, swapped with NYXL tapercore 130, then replaced with Sunbeam 45-125's... only to revert to the old Sunbeams+NYXL.

    I should point out that I changed out the 130B because, for whatever reason after time it became must louder than the rest of the set. Hence the low B change, then the move to go to the 125.
  5. I tend to use lighter gauges these days due to health issues. In the beginning the light set I used still had the .130 string, which never sounded balanced and easily overpowered the rest, even with compression. I now use a medium light set with a .120 B. Sadly, even with two short scale 5 strings,it hurts to play and the arthritis is making things difficult, and I love my B strings. BEAD here I come!