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  1. was at rehearsal yesterday.

    my guitarist just bought the new top o' the line LINE 6 AMP....sounds incredible.

    my puny little WT400 into my gorgeous 210XLT (8 ohm) couldn't keep up without clipping.

    sure, i could get another cab to go 4 ohms...but, i want minimal haulage.


    from all the threads and webs and forums...

    i've narrowed it down to an Aguilar DB659 pre and a QSC PLX2402.

    i've heard some people say the DB659 isn't all that special for the $$$


    there's a thread here (that i haven't read completely yet) about some voltage mismatch between the AGGIE and the QSC.

    i've gotten a $599 price for the 659 new and a $699 price for the QSC SEMI-new from a dealer.

    can i do better?

  2. i think i may try an EDEN 115XLT extension to get the full 400 watts out of my WT400.

    its a cheap experiment.

    and with GC's 30 day return policy...may even be a free experiment.

    more later.

  3. well,

    i went out and got the 115XLT cab to run my WT400 at 4 ohms.

    and ya know...i still don't like it. it still honks like a goose...and that's NOT what i'm looking for.

    i think i've out grown the EDEN family of amps...

    ALTHOUGH, i DID play through a VT300 at GC...its the TUBES baby!!!

    nice head...but, not for $2500.

    well. there ya have it...component time.

  4. I'd get another 2x10 xlt, should be fine......
  5. thanks for the thought...but,

    i really don't think my issue lays with my cabs.

    its the power.

    <i'm refraining>

  6. zombywoof5050


    Dec 20, 2001
    But when you add another cab (in parallel), it changes the load on the amp (lowers the impedance) and draws more power out of it.
  7. Bruce Lindfield

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    I think you could be wrong there - it's at least worth thinking about. I have a WT300 and with one cab it's OK for small,"acoustic" situations. But if I add a 1 X 15 cab the volume goes up hugely!!
  8. I still think it's worth a try to get another cab and see what that does, but it sounds like your mind is made up with a case of GAS; which isn't bad and I can certainly understand. But I've got a buddy who has toured in a rock band for over 5 years now with a WT-300 and a 4x10; it does just fine, and he's played all kinds of rooms and outdoors in front of thousands of people.

    Me, I'd explore the easy route and not worry about having to unload used gear and just spend about $500 for another cab.....
  9. oops, you're right! My bad....

    Good luck with your 2000 watts and multiple cabs and the resulting 6dB increase in volume......(jab!).
  10. ouch...

    actually, the volume level is ok with the extra cab.

    its just the eden tone i guess...i think my ears have moved on.

    i'm gonna try ONE more thang...gonna replace the tube this week and see if there's any better result.

    nothing is EVER that simple though.

    we'll see.

    and sure, GAS is a factor...but, ultimately, i'd rather be spending this money on my new ZON...


  11. believe you me...i WANT TO GO ALL AGUILAR!


    The DB659 we can sell for $599 retail $975

    The DB728 we can sell for $1599 retail $2495

    a mere $2200.00.


  12. I (kinda) disagree...one side of my WT800 into a 4ohm load indeed is pushing it in high-volume situations, but i've gigged stadium/festival size where one side of the WT800 into an Ampeg 8x10 provides plenty of volume across the stage.

    (I always play with big PA support so this probably won't hold true where stage sound is the FOH)

    But then again i'm pushing the mid and low-mid pretty hard (no low-B or anything subby here), so that's always gonna cut through harder.
  13. well kids...i finally decided on my new amp.

    when i get it, i'll post a report.

    put it this way, i don't mind buying it sight-unplayed.

  14. cause I think that can be acheived with just a bigger or more cabs, but we've already addressed that. Mo power to ya!
  15. again,

    its more than just a volume issue.

    its tone.

    and the eden just isn't doing it for me anymore.

    hope you aren't taking this personally since you own a CXC.

  16. not at all! I don't make the stuff.....

    I'm actually in the process of designing (and paying for!) a new bass rig for my church that will consist of a 4x10, some type of poweramp, and maybe just a Sansamp for a preamp. I certainly understand your needs......
  17. i really like my sansamp bass di.

    right into my mackie for recording is just dandy.

    hopefully my new amp choice will have an even better DI sound.

  18. I love an amp with a killer DI. Case in point today we recorded 3 tracks + interview for a radio show - the engineers commented on how nice my Eden's DI was compared to their DI box. Made me feel nice - like I really had bought the right machine. A bit off topic I know, but you'll all survive...