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Outfitting Rehearsal / Recording Studio with Headphones - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Colonel Monk, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Howdy

    As I mentioned earlier my Bandmate and I have a Studio Space we use for rehearsals and recording of our own band.

    We are pretty well outfitted but want to begin doing some inexpensive recording of demos for bands to help offset the cost of the studio rent and our equipment.

    We want to add 6 sets of Headphones to allow for monitoring during the recording process.

    I'm already looking at THIS headphone amp for separate mixes.

    I have a 24 ch Mackie with 6 aux sends for monitoring (though it needs repair)

    What we are looking for is at least 4 sets of good isolating headphones to get started.

    The budget? Well, I don't know - is it possible to get 4 sets of good quality headphones for $150 bucks? Less?

    I already have a pair of Sony MDR-V6 for myself and our gui**** producer has a set of his own cans as well.

    These just need to be good enough to perform a few hours a week for recording demos, and I think by and large since we will be doing live cuts at moderate volume I think many will be able to go without them. But we want to have them available.

    So, anyone have experience with headphones $25 - $45 each that offer decent sound quality and isolation?



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