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Outta Left Field

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by ThunderousFunk, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. So there was a group leader/singer/songwriter/guitarist guy who needed a bassist for his jam trio group. He said he was signed at one time, but the label was alittle weird, and wanted different things out of him. So he left the label. When I signed on, he wanted something alittle more relaxed, no pressure to "make it", and just enjoy the tunes we write. Cool!:hyper: Perfect setting for me, cause I was once signed, and could understand his frustrations with certain areas in that arena. So we start getting together for practice, and things seem to be going great. He had a drummer that I got along with pretty well. Granted this was a new group, so it was still fresh, and needed some time to build that rhythm section relationship with him. Anyways, a few times during, the group leader and drummer would take a little break, and "smoke".:meh: I used to in high school, but not anymore. I have my reservations bout it, but who am I to judge anyone bout what they do. Anyways, I think the group leader, and drummer seemed alittle "weirded-out" by them "smoking" around me when they would take these breaks.:( But we would also be talking bout what we wanna do with the group, where we wanna take a certain song, and all that kind of band talk. So, I never thought anything of it. So, we only had a handful of practices, and they were getting better/tighter every time. It was enough to know that we could've gone somewhere really fast. I knew from my experiences, and in my heart/soul, that we could've blown up if that's what we desired.:eek: But I never said that because of what they wanted, and I didn't wanna scare'em away with any talk of possibly "making it".:( So then one day, during the week, after like the 4th or 5th practice, I got a text from the group leader. He was saying that he's decided to go into sound production, and that he's sorry for wasting my time.:confused::( Basically, he was gonna be a soundguy for other groups. I stayed professional, and told him how I felt about our trio(being able to do what we want, if we so desired), and said that I hope he enjoys his decision. I was in a signed group before, and still wonder what might've been if we had never split. But we were really tough on ourselves and each other. With this, it was like whoa!:eek: I can get into this cause it's chill, and can still groove/jam.:bassist: Then, it falls apart faster than my previous endeavour. Just bummed.:( Plus, I think my area isn't really the place to find as many like-minded musicians(mostly country and southern rock). Oh well. I guess I just feel like a guy who was beginning a nice relationship with a girl who decides to break up with you, and never get an answer as to why(cause that's how it ususally works). I think I was looking for possible answers, but I guess it was more like a rant. So, if you're reading this........Thank You.
  2. Reminiscing with a little of the wacky 'baccy yourself? That is unreadable.
  3. Marko 1

    Marko 1

    Mar 9, 2009
    N.E. Ohio
    Paragraphs would have been cool, but I understood where he’s coming from. And hey, sometimes we get a bit down, have a drink or two, then post just to share what we’re feeling. That’s all it reads like to me.

    OP, yeah, there’s not much to say other than understanding where you’re coming from. Well, for me the girl part, haha.

  4. Well, I'm a musician, not an english major. And no, I don't drink or "smoke" anymore. Atleast, not since high school(15yrs ago).

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