overdrive tone not coming through PA

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  1. hey guys,

    i seem to be having some issues with a local venue i play at regularly. ive recently started trying to incorporate an overdriven tone from my bddi and it sounds great in the monitors but is coming through completely clean out of the mains. any idea how to remedy this? i talked to the sound guy and got the "sounds good" "dont need to mess with a good thing" however i had the guitarist give it a listen and its definitely not overdriven at all.
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    So.. how are you sending your signal to FOH? Direct from BDDI with overdrive included? If so, it ain't FOH messing with overdrive. You can't remove overdrive from a signal at the console.
    My "guess" is what you are sending to FOH does not translate in the mix to what you, or your guitar player monitor believes should be there.
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  3. that makes sense i actually verified what was happening and think ive remedied it