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Overdrive... Wah?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by kasuals, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. kasuals


    Jul 20, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    I'm in the market for a killer overdrive pedal, but I was hoping I could get a pod that would have a wah built in, and still have a decent overdrive.

    Basically, we're getting rid of our rhythm guitarist, and I'm going to have to fill in sound a little, and I was going to do it with distortion. (Not alot, but enough to sound like something is behind me)

    It doesn't have to be a pod, I can chain together a bass wah and an overdrive.

    I've heard a few opinions from friends, and to be honest, they are all guitar players and have no idea what the hell the are talking about ;)

    If I could just get some suggestions, I could go down to Guitar Center and play around with them for awhile.

    Any suggestions would be a great help.
  2. Hughes and Kettner tubefactor.. the best overdrive there is :)


    but what kind of wah did you want ? touch-wah or pedal wah ? for pedal wah the Morley PBA is nice... for touch-wah you could try the Boss AW-3 dynamic-wah :)
  3. monkeyfinger

    monkeyfinger Moderator Staff Member

    I just bought a Dredge-Tone Angler. It replaced a Fulltone Bassdrive. In my opinion, it is much better than the Bassdrive. The Bassdrive sounds very thin compared to the Angler. Of the two, the Angler sounds much more like and overdriven tube amp. (I have an all tube rig, so I am very familiar with the sound.) Also, the Angler is 1/3 the size of the Bassdrive and costs $65 less! As a bonus the Angler has a built in line-driver that is always on. This reduces the tone loses from insertion points and long cable runs. I don't know if it is true bypass, I tend to think that it is using a fet buffer amp because of the line driver like EBS does with thier pedals. The bypass sound is excellent.

    One negative: the Angler uses a positive tip 1/8" phone plug power connector. (Why doesn't everyone use a negative tip barrel connector?)
  4. Overdrive, Tech 21 Sansamp, does the overdrive thing, and so much more.

    FOr a wah, try the dunlop crybaby (the white one, for bass)

    If you want an autowah, there are many pedals to get, almost any funk effect would work.
  5. I gotta go with tall guy on this, the Dunlop Crybaby is a sweet pedal. I use it combined with Ibanez Tubescreamer. When I switch it to "hot" (which is more distortion) it gets a nice distortion and the wah pedal makes some great sounds (especially when coupled with bends).
    I don't use either to extensively though, sometimes I just like the rumble and the clean tones.
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