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  1. ok

    i play in a punk / metal band i was wonderin clean or not clean [ overdrive or non overdrive ] in some songs i use an static pedal cause it suits it ..but im just wodnerin does it sound better clan or not ?
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    Dec 11, 1999
    Well resisting the urge to suggest that you try a bass overdrive pedal...

    Many punk/metal bassists use valve amps and drive them hard. This causes the (valve) poweramp to overdrive (or saturate). Whilst pedal and preamp makers will try to tell you that their solid state preamp distortion will sound the same, it will not.

    Some bass amps have a tube preamp, blendable or switcheable. This will add some dirt but dont expect tube saturation (ie power amp distortion).

    SO if you want dirt all the time invest in a valve amp. If you want a bit of dirt, look at driving your preamp or getting a pedal.

    Regardless of what method you choose you should be driving you amp master or single volume above 6. Considering the ass...I mean guitarists and drummers who play this kind of music this is probably happening anyway.

    Hope this helps

    Although I use valve and hybrid amps (valve preamp) and have never used a pedal there are people here who swear by the Boss ODB3 ok some swear at it...but the point is just about any decent shop in dear old blighty should have one for you to try...

    EDIT every time I typed dirt it came out as dirst (Freudian slip maybe).
  3. ok cheers =)
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