overdue effects clearout (tone factor, subdecay, boss)

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  1. I've been meaning to put thee for a while now and i finally got round to it.

    I have 5 pedals that are up for sale


    Tone Factor Eleven This is a bit of a rarity, only 25 made to my knowledge and this is number 11. Its a really nice clean boost with a huge amount of boost available with the tone control that cuts a little bass but you get a nice sound with it at around about 10 o'clock. $90

    Tone Factor Mobius This is a really cool but simple pedal. for those that dont know it is a feedback loop, which means that you put an effect in the loop of the mobius and it goes through multiple times creating a crazy sound especially when used with phasers, flangers and delays. Withdrawn

    Tone Factor Fuzz Saw One of my favorite pedals i have ever owned. i am only selling because i managed to pry a bass fuzz say from tayste's hands :). it is a great fuzz, and personally i love the one knob operation, im told it is loosely based on a fuzz face. $110

    Subdecay EchoBox proto This is another oddity, it is a prototype that was made by subdecay before they started making the echobox. it is almost the same as the current production model but lacks the natural decay switch and the modulation control. It is one of only 25 made. SOLD

    last but by no means least
    Boss OC-2 I dont think that this needs much explaination really cool synthy sounding octave down. $70

    All trades considered but money is always preferred. PayPal only. I will ship pretty much anywhere in the world :)

    EDIT: if you need to get in contact with me email me I'll probably respond much quicker [email protected] or on twitter @DKatri
    All prices are shipped within the UK, we can talk about worldwide shipping ;)
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    PM sent!
  3. emails and PM's all replied
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    you should let me know if the mobius falls through.
  5. It won't :smug:.
  6. PM's replied
  7. PM'd/e-mailed...
  8. replied via email :)
  9. sent email
  10. Email replied :)
  11. PM replied.
  12. a big bump back to the top for these great pedals :)
  13. Since all of this stuff has been sitting here for ages, and it is xmas, i am willing to take a bit of a hit on any of these any interests please hit me with a PM ann all trade offers considered :D
  14. surfingbird1


    May 22, 2008
    would you trade the oc-2 for a mxr bass octave deluxe (like new in box) straight up?

    the mxr is much to clean of an octave pedal I am looking for synthy (just the honest truth)
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    Hey Katri,
    either of the pedals in my sig catch your eye?