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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tyburn, Jun 9, 2001.

  1. this is for you out there who know what i'm talking about. the overwater bass emporium is based in my home city, Carlisle, the north of england, Chris the founder builds basses for all the best bass player in jazz and session work. those of you out there who have seen his basses know that they are good and i'm proud to say that i know own one.
    i bought it used from them, theses things cost over £2000 new, but it's in perfect, mint condition

    it's an Overwater 5 string progression, and it rocks
    3 piece maple thru neck,rosewood fretboard (36")
    gorgeous maple facing on:

    maple/basswood/maple/basswood/figured rear maple

    twin soap bar pu's, active circutry, master vol, pan, mid cut and so on( it'll take me a while to work it all out, theres so many sounds)

    the best thing about this bass, and the overwater basses as a whole are the scal lengths. He was one of the first few builders to have an extended scale , and if you haven't played a 36" 5 then get out and play one, that B is so tight.

    Another excellent feature are the contours , every one is perfect, the heeless neck/body area is impecable.

    i got it yesterday so i'll have some pics soon,

    this ones also got narrower string spacing @16/16.5" ( haven't measured it) and i love it, i know a lot of people want 18/19/ or even 20, but i don't like the look that gives as the strings break over the bidge, too sparce, so before you go and buy a 5 with yards of string space, play a narrower one, i can play everything on mine better that the J i had, and i'm 6'6" with hands the size of dinner plates.

    i agree with what clapton said, as in it's all well and good starting on a cheaper instrument, but once you've played and own a world class instrument, then you'll never go back.

    i'd love some feedback from any other owners here, or people who've played them, or if your interested just PM me, the pics will be up soon. but for now have a look at some on here


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