Ow ow ow !!! Q. about wristbands...

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  1. Hey guys, to start off, I have to say that I have tendonitus. But no way can I put down my bass! not no how, baby!!

    I warm, stretches, and then slowly playing scales, then building up the speed. I do this for about 15 mins.

    After 30mins of playing, my wrist can get sore (left hand).

    So I is wondering - will wristbands maybe help? If so, What kind? Plain sweatband? Or a special Arthritic one? (what the &%$! is that?! :p)

    Thanks :)
  2. eh...i just play witha regualr sweat band, it doesnt do anything for my wrists, but i wouldnt know, for i am young and innocent.
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    Check your hand positioning, most likely its improper and causing you problems.

  4. Go Billy Sheehan style! :D
  5. You can find one of those copper arthritis bracelets at any golf shop. I'm sure they have one or two of those in Scotland, right? I tried one for a while, didn't really notice a difference. I think the whole copper/magnet thing is all a bunch of hooey.

    The best thing you can do for tendonitis is plain old rest.