oww, wisdom teeth.

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    Aug 10, 2000
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    The pain of crooked wisodom teeth! In about 3 weeks im going to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, theyre all apparantly coming in bad. The one on the left side is coming in flat( see diagram below) and the right side isnt as bad, but its still not good. My jaw hurts so bad. Ever since they started coming in, my teeths alignment has been off real bad and when i bite down it forces my jaw into a painful position. Whats even more weird is that i can pop my jaw, like a finger knuckle or something. So, how bad is the actual surgery? im scared as hell about them sedating me, i dont like that idea at all, id rather feel the pain then get put to sleep. How sweet the relief a week after!

    =||||||| ( yeah, a bad diagram, but it is really coming in just like that.)
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    Sep 29, 2001
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    I had 4 full boney impactions, but a relatively easy surgery as I had braces before and my teeth are relatively straight, but they (the wisdom teeth) had to come out before my other teeth started to get messed up.

    Went in on last friday morning, brought my iPod, listened to some jams to get me psyched up, then in I went. 20 minutes of wasting and getting post-op instructions in the surgery room by the nurse, until the doctor came in, nurse put on nitrous, and then came the novocaine shots into the lower tongue area and palette. Ouchie. That was the only discomfort. The palette shots felt ouchie cuz they were crunching the cartilage around there to get in, but the shot was only like half an inch deep or something. Sounds worse than it actually is, but they put local novocaine by q-tip on first.

    Then the surgery lasted like 45 minutes but felt like 15 minutes. The gas makes you feel kind of cool and helpless, but you can totally still move and open your eyes and stuff. A little tuggin and pullin, then voila, I was done. Left the place perfectly, no anestesia side effects or anything as the gas is very safe side effects-wise. Mouth full of gauze, I left and went home to sleep or something. Can't remember cause the pain was quite intense 1 hour later and especially 4 hours later once the anestesia wears off and you can feel your chin again. You won't be able to fully close your mouth at all for like 4 days, it'll just be open while you walk, breathe, and sleep.

    Advice: The gas is just fine to go with, if you're alright with 2 people muckin around in your mouth for some time. It felt short and quite painless. I was debating to take IV sedation or not because I was afraid of not waking up after taking it or having some other complication, so I had it on standby for surgery, but waived it at the last second after startin' to trip on the nitrous. :D I'm still getting over the pain, as recently I was able to start chewing and clamping my teeth together fully. You'll be eating blenderized soups for a week. Eat all you can before and just take the medication they give you for pain, and sleep sleep sleep. I almost died for real taking the percoset, so I don't recommend taking it for the pain. Take the ace w/ codeine. Pain lasts really for like 4 days, then it starts to get easy. Swelling lasted for like 4-5 days as well. You'll swell huge, and use ice packs 20 minutes on, 20 off, and repeat.

    Good luck man, its nothing. I came out of the office feelin' like a champ. It was so easy (the procedure), but recovery is the tough part. Eating will probably piss you off the most, but soup is good when you can get nothing else down your throat. Use the irrigation injecter tool they give you when they say you can. It helps keep food and crap out of your tooth hole and makes your mouth feel clean.

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    The actual surgery is not bad. I was completely out during the process. For that matter, I wasn't to "awake" for an hour or so after. I don't even remember the ride home. I had some discomfort the rest of that day, for which I was given some pain presciption that I was supposed to use for a week (they had to crack my jaw during surgery.) I took one that afternoon and that was it - no pain from the next day on, just some discomfort. However, it was just about a week before I could eat crunchy foods.

    Here is a quick disclaimer, though: Do not eat ice cream the same day of surgery. You will expierience cold like never before. :eek:

    Good luck!
  4. Phat Ham

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    Feb 13, 2000
    All of my wisdom teeth are at angles much like yours. I had one pulled last new year's eve because of acute inflammation. I was in the dentist's office for about an hour, and went out and partied that night (didn't drink though). Doc gave me antibiotics, an antiinflammatory drug, and pain killer. I didn't need to take the pain killer at all, and didn't swell up either. My tooth was a pretty easy pull though. If your teeth are impacted it'll probably be a lot worse.

    I didn't get knocked out for it, just local anesthetic. The dentist said if I had gotten all four pulled at the same time he would've knocked me out. I think it's pretty normal to get knocked out for all four teeth.
  5. mark beem

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    Jul 20, 2001
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    I feel for you! I had all mine ripped out at one time..

    Not too bad really...
  6. The only way to roll in my opinion is to get knocked out. That's what I did, and all you feel is the needle in your arm. On the plus side, I woke up swearing at everyone in the room...which is truly hilarious when you consider the fact that I had a lot of gauze in my mouth at the time.
  7. Guess whos baaaaaaaack!!!!

    Anywho I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out a year ago and for the next two weeks it was HELL! My mouth would hurt so bad at times I would cry in pain. And to make matters worse I didn't Ice my jaw enough and I got dry socket, which is about the equivalent of passing a kidney stone pain wise. Just take my advice and ice your jaw ALL the time, be sure to take plenty of your doctor perscribed vicodin (hehe just messin, take enuf to cure your pain) and don't forget, ICE YOUR JAW ALL THE TIME!