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  1. A question and an answer.
    I've only been playing since 1978. so still a newbie ! I'm playing a 5 string active Yamaha and I want to use it all the time since I can't keep switching mid-set. Recently doing LOADS more funk/slap which means holding loads of octave streaches on that big neck. My whole right hand aches. I know this will pass with time, but any tips? My current Pains are "I'm every Woman", and "Ain't Nobody"

    A/ Unrelated. I talked to a dematolagist a while ago and mentioned that a lot of players have problems hardening up their fingertips. He wanted to prescibe some cream. I asked what was in it. "concentrated urea". That's right guys. If you want hards paws, Piss on 'em. Don't wash!
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    Nov 22, 2004
    ONLY been playing since '78? that's no n00b! I remember back in my day (3 or 4 years ago) i dabbed superglue on the ends of my finger tips to create an artificial callous
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    Sounds like you're playing with too much tensions. Relax your hands, practice the lines slowly, concentrating on releasing all unnecessary tension.