Oxidized Hardware Cleaning

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  1. Anyone know a way to make your oxidized (older) hardware look new?

    Dan C.
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    There are a number of ways of doing this. First you could try one of any number of metal polishes. If that doesn't produce the desired result, you could try a more aggressive abrasive such as the kind of rubbing compound that's used on cars with oxidized finishes. If that still isn't enough, you could try using a buffing wheel and some jeweller's rouge. And if you need to go futher, then replating may be the only option.
  3. Great advice above. With auto polishes, I'd recommend starting with a chemical one as opposed to an abrasive. You'll find the effort very similar to using a metal polish. If that doesn't work, certainly go with an abrasive, but I'd start very mild. If the finish is just a bit hazed, you should see good results.

    Some options from the automotive world...

    Chemical: (sometimes called paint cleansers)
    Poorboy's Professional Polish
    Klasse All-In-One
    Four Star Ultimate Paint Cleanser

    Poorboy's SSR1 (or 2)
    Meguiar's Scratch-X (you can find this at just about any auto care section)
    Meguiar's #82 Swirl Free Polish
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    I like this, usually we see someone asking how to make their shiny stuff look old.

    Back in the days before music stole my soul, I was a gearhead. We used a product called semichrome on our wheel rims and metal trim. That stuff made anything shine like crazy. It's probably still available and might work. It's worth a try.

    If it's too bad, you have to replate.
  5. Any chance you actually mean Simichrome? If so, it's definitely still available and is a great metal polish. Motorcycle guys love it, so OTC you can probably find it at a dealer's parts counter. In my brief experience with it, it's best on bare metal finishes and multi-dipped coatings (i.e. chrome wheels, fenders, etc.). Nonetheless, it's certainly worth a shot.
  6. 60bass

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Charlotte, NC
    Yep, that's the stuff. I remember it as being a real good product.
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