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p and j pick up reaplaced with a humbucker?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by pinkfloyd16, Dec 22, 2000.

  1. pinkfloyd16


    Oct 25, 2000
    i just wanted to know if its ok to replace p and j pickups with a big fat(phat)either way is good) humbucker like the ones on modulus basses or fleas bass open or not (which is better open or closed)? buti wanted to add a new pick up cause i dont like the ones i have but what would i need to do this by myself i am mechanically and elecronically inclined for 16 years old and anything that i need i would be able to get so if you can help me out here
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Which bass are you talkin' about? The Hamer or the Samick?
    What kinda' tone are you lookin' for?

    The Flea bass uses either a Seymour Duncan MM or Bartolini
    MM pickup ("MM" => MusicMan style pup). Also, you can get
    it with either a Bartolini NTBT, Bart NTMB, or Aguilar
    active preamp.

    If you're talkin' about puttin' a MM style pup in a P or J
    hole, you're lookin' at doing some routing.

    On the other hand, if you're after a total humbucking setup,
    there's the SD "Hot Stack" and "Classic Stack" J's and the
    DiMarzio "Ultra Jazz" J's to name a few. Most P-types are
    humbucking to begin with and there are a boat-load of
    replacements for these: SD, Bart, EMG, DiMarzio, RioGrande, Lane Poor, etc.

    If you went this route there'd be no, um, routing. Just the re-wiring (soldering, etc.).
    That's why they're referred to as "drop-ins".

    Be careful if you get a J replacement. There are "neck"
    and "bridge" models. This refers to the string-spacing as
    they pass over the pickups. P types are usually put in
    the "neck" position. If you went with a "blade" style -
    a DiMarzio Split P and a Bart 9K for example - you wouldn't
    have to be concerned with string spacing.

    Maybe the closest you can get to a MM sound with a passive
    P/J setup would be to use an SD 1/4-pounder P and an SD 1/4-pounder J.
    The SD 1/4-pounder series has these big-a$$ quarter-inch
    diameter magnets. The MM's have 3/8" magnets (I think).
    But then most MM-equipped basses also have a built-in preamp :rolleyes: .

    It's kinda' like when Robin Williams goes to buy coffee in "Moscow on the Hudson" [​IMG]

    [Edited by notduane on 12-23-2000 at 09:34 AM]

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