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  1. Need suggestions for a replacement bridge on my ‘02 MIM black Fender P bass with aged white pearl pickguard and rosewood board.

    Considerations: 1. Should “look right” on a black Fender P bass (maybe you know what I mean. The vibe should not be disturbed unless for a good reason). 2. Can be black or nickel, chrome, brass. 3. Needs to be an improvement of some sort over the MIM bridge. 4. Needs to be a design that is easy on the palm. 5. Needs to be a brand name for which parts are available, saddles, etc. 6. Should be able to achieve equally low action to the stock MIM bridge (or close). 7. So far, I think I might like to try a Fender, Gotoh, Hipshot, Schaller, or other brand name that I am familar with. 8. I like the high mass idea, but some of them are big and bulky looking bridges. I’m not sure how they look on the P bass. Black will blend into the color of the bass - looking less massive. With the idea in mind that high mass might be a good thing. Especially brass for potentially increased lows.

    I’m very tolerant. I am open to suggestions from those with experiences that I don’t have. My 1st time replacing a bridge on a bass.

    There is no need to replace the existing MIM bridge, unless I see a good reason to do so. You might be aware of good reasons to replace the bridge with something. Your ideas are appreciated.

    I have no idea which items are considered prefered among players.

    I am going to roll with TI 344 flats and a Quarter pounder. Putting these items on ‘after’ I decide on the bridge selection.

    The bass is in almost new condition. It’s a nice P bass. It’s going to be even nicer.

    The favorite bass that I own is an SR500. But this P bass is promising to be just as nice, in a Fender P bass sort of way.

    Thanks for your consideration and suggestions. I appreciate your feedback.
  2. I did the Fender high mass on my ‘08 MIM. Looks beefy. Just looks. I didn’t notice a change in sound.

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  3. I like the Hipshot Kickass on my MIM P
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    I think that's a wise approach. In my experience, with the MIMs, you're more likely to get meaningful results through a pickup swap and string experimentation than through a bridge replacement.
    For purely cosmetic reasons, I did a bridge replacement on my '00 MIM Standard Jazz with the "high mass" bridge du jour: a BAII. My results were identical to yours: Looks awesome; sounds the same.
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  5. Thanks. I’m actually considering a vintage style new one. I don’t know if I’d dig the massive high mass bridge, unless it contributed something to the sound. On my black Fender P bass a black high mass bridge could look good to me. Also a nickel vintage style bridge with all new saddles and screws is looking like a good option to me.
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