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P Bass bridge: string-through that fits under guard/cover??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Timi, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. I'm having some problems finding a string through bridge for a Precision build.

    The bass will have an Allparts bridge cover, was looking at their $50 string-through bridge but apparently it's too big to fit under the cover.

    Not looking to start a discussion on top load vs string-though, if you feel the need to debate your point there are plenty of threads on the subject. If anything, I just want to be able to change strings without removing the cover.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :help:
  2. .....and I just noticed the hardware section of the forum...

    Sorry, feel free to move this thread if it's a problem.
  3. The Badass III is string-through and fairly tiny, haven't tried putting it under a P cover though..
  4. Hipshot Vintage A.
  5. Assumed it would be too chunky but can anyone confirm it would fit? Pricey though...

    I can see a Vintage (top load only) but not a Vintage A. Is it an old model or something?
  6. So take your mark ass to Google and find the dimensions for the badass iii. And its expensive because its a Leo quan and its awesome.
  7. Thanks..... Obviously I tried to find out this info before making a thread but got stuck on finding the internal dimensions for the cover itself, plus the curvature wouldn't make it easy to measure.

    I've had a Badass 2 before and didn't think there was any benefit over a sturdy bridge worth half the price. I'm not just going to buy one because Mark Hoppus uses one.
  8. Actually I'm pretty sure mark hoppus doesn't use one. I tried a bunch of bridges before deciding on the badass. And I found the sizes of the bridges on Google in four minutes so get with it sh*t d*ck
  9. Wow good for you, but it's the internal dimensions of the cover that I need and can't find (yes I have looked), plus the curves will make it hard to measure.

    I was hoping that someone else had come across this problem and could offer some advice (as others have done), this is usually what happens on a forum. Instead I got the unfortunate byproduct of a forum, a troll. Stop wasting your time and mine.
  10. Thanks, will look into that.

    Also found out that a toploading Hipshot vintage has those gaps in the top so you don't have to thread the string, so you can probably change a string without removing the cover. Orpheus, is this what you had in mind?

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