P-Bass Deluxe, pick tone.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by PollyBass, Aug 25, 2001.

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Hey, i was wanting a little more growl in my playing. I own a p-bass, and love it. i was wondering if i got a P-Bass Deluxe, if the j at the bridge would give it some growl. or should i just screw it and get a Jazz Bass. ive been thinking about that. I also play with a pick. im talking about the MIM Ones.(No way i can shell out 800 bucks without saving up for 6 years.)
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Have you made any tweaks on your current Precision?...
    changed the bridge, pickup, strings maybe?

    I don't have a Precision, but my Yamaha RBX260F has
    the single P-type pup, volume, and tone. It's a test-bed
    or "Frankenstein" piece as I've replaced about everything
    you can replace :rolleyes: - pup, pots, wiring, tuners, and bridge.
    I love the DiMarzio Split-P pickup with the blade style pole-
    pieces...punchy, even output across the strings. I recently
    slapped on a Gotoh 201 bridge. I was really surprised when
    I got a Steve Harris kinda' "clanky-ness" and some gnarly growl
    out of the T/I Flats that were on her. Rolling off the tone
    control got the flats "thud" back. If I was goin' for that nasty,
    "broken chainsaw" tone :), I could see the Split-P, the Gotoh,
    and some taper-core strings (SR-2000 or DR Longnecks)
    as a good combo. `Course, an (all-tube) Ampeg B-15 don't
    hurt either :p .

    BTW...The 201 bridge can be had for $20 to ~$26 at Warmoth,
    depending on the finish. AND, if you can work a screwdriver
    replacement's a snap. It's a direct drop-in for most Fenders ;).
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    May 6, 2000
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    You generally need a pickup near the bridge to get that growly tone. I've play both the 4-string and 5-string versions of the American P deluxe, and they are my second favorite Fender bass (my favorite is my Roscoe Beck V). I also own an American Jazz Deluxe (excellent bass) and an older (1993) American P Deluxe (also excellent, but nowhere near as good as the new Am P Deluxe).

    The new ones have a bitchen humbucker in the bridge position that looks just like the pickups on the Roscoe Beck. My experience is that there's pretty much not a tone that you can't get on this bass. On my '93 P Deluxe, the back pickup just doesn't give you the growl of a J-bass. It's probably because of the electronics, which are active, but have no mid control. Also the pickups are Lace sensors, which have completely different characteristicas from the current model.

    I'd strongly recommend playing one of the new American P Deluxe basses. Definitely bitchen.
  4. I've got 2 basses with the PJ setup; a US Precision Plus, and a Warmoth parts bass, and they get that growl in both p/ups full-on mode.

    the Fender has an EMG select PJ set,

    the configuration I put in the Warmoth is a sort of hybrid between the Precision Deluxe and the PJ setup (see attached pic- the thing between the p/ups is a bit of scratchplate used as a thumbrest when playing over the bridge p/up)- the bridge double Jazz humbucker (Kent Armstrong) sits closer to the neck so the bridge coil is where a Jazz bass bridge p/up would be.
    I put a series/parallel/single coil selector switch in for it- you can get very Stingray-like tones out of the bridge p/up soloed run in parallel or series mode.

    I think Fender should fit this switch to the American Precision Deluxe too to add some more tones.

    another thing to consider if you play with a pick is whether the big bridge p/up on the American P Deluxe gets in the way of your picking.
    (it's definitely a bit of a problem on the setup I put on the Warmoth, but I play fingerstyle almost exclusively).