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p-bass electronics question.

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by rougeporn, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Hi, Need help in making my yamaha attitude special sound more like a fender p-bass. This has all come about because today in a guitar shop i tried out a '71 MIA fender p-bass. And i think that it sounded nothing like my yamaha. What I plan to do is to remove the neck pickup from my yamaha, then make a new pickguard without the hole for the neck pickup. then wire the thing with a volume and tone control. As the electronics are quite old and noisey im going to replace all the pots so i can go for any value for them. the pickup im using right now is a dimarzio willpower middle and i want to keep it, just need to know what value capacitor, pots to use??? any ideas???

  2. I don't hink that you're going to get any kind of a P-Bass sound out of your bass with the Will Power pickup. If you like the pickup, maybe move it into the Neck position (right tight against the base of the neck, which is typical for that pickup) and install a P-Bass style split-coil pickup about 3.75" away from the base of the neck on the bass side. Then put in switch to select between them when you want a one or the other and maybe wire it up so you can use both at the same time as well. While pots and capacitors will have a minimal effect on the tone, they won't make any miracles happen!!! But in general, using higher value pots (500k as opposed to 250)will give the bass a brighter sound, while using a higher value capacitor on the tone pot will give you increased high frequency attenuation when you roll the tone knob back. I have found the website www.guitarelectronics.com useful for figuring out wiring options and getting wiring diagrams.

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