P-Bass Magnets: two are reversed!

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    Apr 19, 2008
    I have what I believe to be an all-original 1961 P-Bass. I had trouble with the output level of just one string (after careful adjustments of the pick up heights), so I put a magnetometer on all eight magnets, to get a reading on their individual magnetic strength and polarities.

    To my surprise, two adjacent magnets- those for the E-string- were out of polarity with the two of the A string (of the same coil.) The second coil's magnets, for the D and G strings, were the same polarity as the E string magnets. With other words, 2 magnets on one coil are not the same polarity as the other two on the same coil.

    My question: was this an assembly mistake, or was Fender trying to subdue the output of the E string by reversing magnets just for that string?
    I have no reasonable other explanation.

    If any of you have a vintage P-Bass and a magnet handy (does the same as a magnetometer) I'd love to find out whether my bass is the only one with this configuration.