P bass neck help. Options?

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  1. itsnottruerufus


    Apr 13, 2011
    Hey guys, so I recently picked up a Roadworn 50's P to satisfy my craving for a maple boarded P, with plans to slap a black guard on it and 70'sify it a bit (my dream bass would be a mocha or sunburst 70's P with a maple board), but I'm having a few issues so far. I love the look and feel of it, it feels great and worn in, although I do find myself trying to baby the nitro a little more than I expected. My main issue is the neck. On one hand, I knew going into it that the neck wouldn't be as glossy as I like (I really like the super glossy necks on like, the Classic Vibes, Classic Series and CIJ fenders) but I'm having a bit of an issue with my hand cramping while playing it. So I'm presented with the option of either flipping it for something with a neck I'm more into, both feel and size wise, or trying to get used to the neck. I've had it for about a month now and its still an issue.

    I have a Classic Vibe 60's P I love the neck on so maybe something like the Matt Freeman would be more my style?

  2. Kmose


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    I love the light weight, the nitro finish and the tone of my roadworn Precision. However I prefer the 1.62 neck width of my MIA P over the Roadworn's 1.75 neck. I don't know why so many builders like Lull or Lakland go with the 1.75 profile. The 1.62 just seems perfect to me.
  3. My bass buddy at work and I were just saying at lunch how
    much we both prefer the 1.75 nut width basses . We both also have 1.5 and 1.625 as well. So...
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    Honestly, IMHO the classic 1.75" nut P-bass neck takes a somewhat disciplined technique. A month is really not that long unless you are playing for a couple of hours a day. Don't give up. Keep at it. Getting fluent on that plank will pay you back in making all wider neck instruments available technique-wise—think Lakland, most 5-strings, etc.
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    just pickup a Geddy Lee neck (faster smaller and easier to play) and sell the old neck...problems solved.....OR......get a 1983 era maple neck.......MOST of them are the same as CV neck.....
  6. Dbassmon


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    Sounds like you may have some technique issues. If played correctly, you should not be cramping. Bad posture or muscling down are two reason you might feel discomfort.

    Take a few lessons and get your technique cleaned up. You will be fine with that neck.
  7. petrus61

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    Agreed. The reverse is also true...I'm finally getting used to the 1.62 nut on modern Precisions after years of playing on 1.75's. I feel like fingerboard radius also plays a small role.
  8. Thumper


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    It sure is easy to bounce back and forth between a 1.75 neck and a 5er. My hands aren't large and I do fine, on the other hand I struggle with a 1.50 (cramping)