P Bass parts - Neck, Body, Guards, Pups. Priced to MOVE

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  1. Just cleaning up some projects and parts and these need to go on to the next guy. I'm not gonna be building anything for a while, so this stuff needs to go.

    Add $4.95 for priority mail in the CONUS no matter how many pieces you want. Want a set of tuners... add $4.95. Want all 5 guards and a neck....add $4.95. I would prefer to keep this CONUS, but if you want something shipped somewhere else, drop me a line and we'll figure out some shipping. Not really looking for trades. Offers will be considered on multiple items.

    Mighty Might swamp ash body - nice body, 3 piece swamp ash with a hand rubbed transparent green finish and a layer of clear. Very nice body and looks good but could very easily be sanded down and painted if you wanted something different. Has screw holes for a bridge cover. - $55.00 SOLD pending payment

    Fender MIM P neck - 2001 neck in very good shape. Comes loaded and with screws. Good fret life left, good truss rod. I had this set up with very low action and it played like a champ with the above body. - $115.00 Sold pending payment

    Guards - All are 3 ply. ALL SOLD
    Mint - US Fender -has tug bar holes on G side very good shape -$10.00
    Black - US Fender - has pickup cover holes and some scratching - $7.00
    Tort - US Fender - has been trimmed up a bit around the neck pocket to fit a non Fender bass. Still looks ok, but does have a slight gap on Fender neck pocket - $7.00
    Parchment - US Fender - Has thumb rest holes in 70's position but in very good shape - $10.00
    White - Generic P bass replacement W/B/W. Still has protective plastic on it. Never mounted on body and is just a bit wider through the control area. Perfect for those wider control areas or adding a battery to an active system. - $8.00

    Tuners - 1 set of MIM / Highway One Tuners. Include screws and bushings. $15.00 ALL SOLD

    Pickups - 2 sets of ceramic magnet P bass pups. Never installed - includes screws.
    Open Pole piece covered set - $7.00 SOLD
    Closed Cover set - $7.00

    Remember - add 4.95 for USPS Priority Mail shipping, no matter how much you want shipped.
    Paypal is accepted

  2. Here are a few pictures from when I had this bass together.

    And an attachment of the whole lot

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  3. Looks like everything is gone pending a payment or 2 except one set of pickups. If no one takes them before the final payment comes in, I'll just keep em.

    Thanks everybody
  4. if for some reason the payment doesnt go through for that body, ill gladly take it for my build!