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  1. This is my hybrid Fender MEX P / Richie's Guitar Shop bass with jazz neck.

    Because this is a custom bass I originally put on a D'Andrea green pearl pick guard which looks totally awesome.
    The D'Andrea pick guards are relatively cheap (around $20 and made in the USA) so I thought I try another color combo for a refresh.

    This time I got the "gold sparkle" color.
    The bass body is is called 'white pearl' (I think) and has a flake through it, looks kind of light gold depending on the light (you can kind of see it in the pics)
    I think it looks cool - what do you reckon?

    I'm going to try the white pearloid and red sparkle ones next - I think they will both work with the body color.

    Changing pick guards is a fun way to dress your bass up.
    These D'Andrea pick guards fit perfectly!

    P Bass G2.jpg P Bass G3.jpg P Bass G1.jpg P Bass G5.jpg P Bass G4.jpg
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