P-Bass Pickups (1978 Fender & EMG)

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  1. I have two sets of Precision bass pickups for sale.

    I had installed the EMG pickups on 1978 PBass in 2003. Since then, I wanted to return to a stock P-bass sound, so I bought some loose Fender P pickups. I ended up installing Lindy Fralins , so I no longer need the EMG pups or 1978 pickups.

    EMG pickups: Decent condition, comes with full wiring harness. They are in good operating condition. Used regularly from 2003 until 2012.

    1978 Fender Pickups: Condition unknown (I never hooked them up), with plastic pickup covers. Marking on back appears to be "1878". The bottoms appear to have a solid on them, however, they were like this when I got them, and the seller did not know either. I was assured these came from a 1978 P-bass. These are NOT currently wired. These would be great for a late-70s PBass build. These pickups are sold AS-IS.

    This can be viewed as a set of EMG pickups for a great price, with the 78 pickups thrown in for free.

    PRICE: $40.00 OBO, shipping included

    PAYMENT: Paypal, cash (if local pickup). $5.00 discount if cash.

    TRADES: Junk silver coins (half dollars, quarters, and dimes pre-1964), silver rounds, or bullion coins - make an offer!


    EMG pickups:

    BAck of EMG pickups with wiring harness: IMG_2413_zpsfdc326ba.

    Wiring harness & pots of EMG pickups (just connect the battery & you're up & running!) IMG_2415_zps5e66773f.

    Fender P-bass covers, viewed from underside & top: IMG_2412_zps24672932.


    Loose pickups: IMG_2410_zps1fb7b704.

    Back view: IMG_2409_zps84cc08a6.

    Help me unload these!
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    PM sent
  3. SOLD.

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