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  1. who makes a pbass pu, that i can put in my g&l sb-2 (1 p, 1 j) that sounds just like a j bass?
    so i will have 2 j bass sounding pickups.


  2. Fuzzbass

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    I hate to tell you this, but IMO the answer is: none. A P-bass pickup can't sound exactly like a J for the following reasons: 1) the size of the split-coil bobbins, and 2) their positions, most notably the treble coil (you don't get the same 'pop' on the DG strings as you do with a J pickup).

    If I were you I would settle for sounding "kinda like" rather than "exactly like"... nothing wrong with that. :)
  3. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    The DiMarzio Split P pickup has more a mid-scooped sound than a regular P-pickup, which are pretty mid-heavy. It sounds closer to a J pickup than most other P pickups.

    While I feel like kind of a shill doing so, I would like to point out that I am currently selling one right now...
  4. The obvious answer is that if you want a bass that sounds like a Jazz Bass, get a Jazz Bass. Fuzz Bass is right.
  5. thanks i didnt know jazz basses existed!

    that not what i was asking.
    i was asking if there are any p sized pickups that sounds similar to a j.

    thank you

  6. Maybe do a Series/Parallel switch for a P-Bass pickup. This would let you run it parallel and blend the bridge pickup together for some Jazz type tones.
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