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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ZenG, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
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    Was looking at the Fender "Blacktop" P-bass.

    It seems to be a hybrid between a P-bass and a J.

    Anybody own one?

    Many P-Basses come with a single coil pickup. The single coil is said to hum.

    How far up the Fender ladder do I have to go to get a P-bass with pickups that don't hum yet is still a P?

    Which model will still be a P but without the humming pickups?

    I readily admit I don't know much about pickups in terms of which is better then another......

    All I know is humbuckers are usually better than single-coil.
  2. Gaolee

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    The split P pickup is a humbucker, as far as I know. So you don't have to go up the foodchain. Humbuckers aren't better than single coils. They are just different. The bass with two pickups can still sound exactly like a P if one of the pickups is a P pickup. It just has another pickup in case you prefer than one or want to use both. I hope this helps.
  3. P. Aaron

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    Some single coil basses are very fine instruments.

    Some humbucking basses are very fine as well.

    It all depends upon how the entire instrument is engineered.

    An American Standard Fender Precision Bass is what you're looking for regarding top of the assembly line build quality. A Squier model(Indonesia) will get you there too as will the Standard(Made in Mexico). The Japanese built Fenders are comparable with the American made ones.

    Everyone on the forum has their favorites. The Precision pickup is technically a single coil but being 'split' it cancels out the hum. Not a techie so I don't know how, just that it does.

    Jazz basses have that hum quality but it is not too noticeable and I think Fender has gone to lengths to eliminate it on the Standard+ models.
  4. Dave W

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    Mar 1, 2007
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    +1, basically. Unless it's a 51'-56' reissue with a true single coil

    The standard split P is wired like a humbucker and will be perfectly quiet. Unless you've got other issues of course...
  5. poit57


    Apr 30, 2010
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    I just double-checked to make sure this was the the same bass I was thinking of, but the Blacktop Precision has "Blacktop Bass Humbucking pickups" according to the description. They look to be in a soapbar style housing rather than split like a traditional P-bass pickup. As far as the sound is concerned, you would need to check with someone who has actually played one.
  6. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
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    Yup. The Blacktop has humbuckers in it, not a traditional split P pickup.

    I'm not sure I would say that it's a hybrid between a P and a J either. That would be a PJ...