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    I am putting a P-Bass together and it seems that there are two widths at the nut. a 1 3/4 AND 1 11/16. Right? When I put mu Jazz together it was 1 1/2. Now the prob is, when I put on a gotoh 201 on the Jazz, the bridge spacing was too narrow. I had to put on a BAII to get the proper spacing. Is the P-Bass gonna be even wider? I already gave the Gotoh and a bent plate bridge that is 3/4 spacing between strings, but that's the same as the Gotoh, Right? I remember the Fender bridges had a sort of (threading) on the bridge saddles so you could space it right. Can I get replacement saddles for the bent plate? I would like to use it, or even the Gotoh.

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    There have been P basses made with 1 1/2, 1 5/8, 1 11/16, and 1 3/4" nuts.

    The good news is that the spacing at the nut is far enough from the spacing at the bridge that it really doesn't matter as long as you like the feel of the neck and as long as the strings aren't too close to the edge of the fretboard down by the neck heel (wide bridge spacing, narrow neck).

    As far as brands, you can't usefully say "same as Gotoh" or whatever because each brand has also made different string spacings in their product lines.

    Your best bet is to buy/use a bridge that has the spacing you like; and since the P neck will usually be a fraction of an inch wider than a J neck, there will be zero problems.
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    a P pickup will usually not need as wide a bridge spacing as a J.
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    To reiterate, the bridge spacing on the P and J basses are exactly the same, they use the same stock bridge.
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    Yep, until around 1983 the Precison and Jazz bass used the exact same bridge, regardless of the neck width. And after that, the string spacing at the bridge was the same, they just had a different bridge for the Jazz for a while.

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