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  1. Dicky7


    Mar 26, 2012
    Hi guys, this is my first thread, I thought I'd share a project I've been working on recently. It's not a complete scratch build, more modifying a budget P bass into something resembling a Stingray. I know it won't sound that much like a real 'ray as it's going to be passive and well...not a Stingray. I'm using a Warman pickup wired series/single coil/parallel, which should still give a good tone. Sorry for the poor ipod pics.

    I started with this, a Gear4Music P bass, they're pretty good quality instruments for the price so it makes a good starting point.


    Stripped all the hardware, drilled pickguard holes, 'routed' the pickup cavity and extra control cavity (with a drill and chisel as I don't have a router). It's messy but it's covered by the PG. I also filled the cavity connecting the two with a chunk of pine as that won't be covered by the PG or control plate.



    I filled in the exposed screw holes and wood today with cocktail sticks, PVA and sawdust and then drop filled with black nail polish. I also painstakingly layered nail polish on top of the wood fill. I wet sanded the lot today with 600 up to 2000 grit and it looks okay, you can see it if you look for it but from a distance it's fine. I'll polish it tomorrow and put in the electronics and new bridge.
    Thanks for looking!
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    If you refinish the whole bass, this could be a really cool project. What are you planning on doing with that bare chunk of wood that you filled the rout with.
  3. Dicky7


    Mar 26, 2012
    I wish I had the time to completely refinish the body. I may get round to doing that eventually but for now, the nail polish quick fix looks alright. I might also look into making it active further down the line. For now here's some more pictures...

    Electronics all wired up. Because the control cavity is a little too wide for the musicman control plate screws I glued in some dowel for the screws.

    The chunk of wood painted with nail polish before final sanding and polishing.

    Finished product

    Pretty happy with it, looks like a less fat Stingray. I really like the Warman pickup especially for the price! I might change the headstock and refinish the neck at some point too, at the very leasdt I'll change the headstock logo. Any ideas?