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P bass wiring

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by ADbassman, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. I apologize in advance if this topic has been discussed to hell and back, but I searched around and didn't find anything so here it goes.

    Anybody know where I might be able to come across a wiring schamatic for a pair of DiMarzio split coil P bass pickups? I recently purchased a pair off of ebay for pretty cheap and want to wire them into an old Aria Pro II bass. There are three or four wires, I can't tell very well by the picture, but they're red, black, green, and possibly white. The guy says they register at an 18k on an ohm meter, which seemed awfully high to me to be real, but I figured screw it for the price.

    Also, has anybody here had any experiences with DiMarzio pickups.

  2. I should have a '77-'79 model P in my bass by tomorow night. I'll tell you what it is like.
  3. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    I think DiMarzio offers wiring diagrams at their web site. http://www.dimarzio.com

    I use a DiMarzio Will Power Middle pickup in my MIM P Bass...I love it...it's loud and doesn't have exposed pole pieces for me to hit with my finger and make non musical noises....
  4. I've just done this with a Model P. The green wire needs to be grounded, so solder that to where the old one was. This is generally on the bottom of a pot. Then the red one goes onto the tab of the pot, where the old one was.

    This is guessing you want it how it was, and be prepared for a sweet sound!! Pretty easy job, just don't burn the kitchen work top with your solering iron!! :(
  5. Well, I finally got around to installing the pickups today. Apparently my girlfriends dad has a 2 year degree in advanced electronics he never used, so he helped me out with this. While we stopped in the middle to get a couple of parts, I did notice something while we were working with the pickups.

    The old pickups have large magnets on the undersides glued to the pickups, with little foam feet under them. The new pickups didn't have magnets, is this normal, or should I glue the magnets to underside of the new pickups?
  6. If it has no magnets underneath, don't worry about it. that is how they come. I used the foam from under the old pups so I could have more adjustment with the height (sp?).
  7. Cut up the foam that came in the DiMarzio box, and use it below your pickups. I did this with mine, and it works great.

    Leave the pickup magents alone. They don't come from DiMarzio with missing parts.
  8. Well, first of all, I didn't get these directly from dimarzio, I got them from ebay. I put them in my bass and they work great, I cut up a regular piece of foam and just stuck it under. It works fine.
  9. I am looking at getting the Will Power middle pickup for my Yamaha, did you guys run it as passive or thru an onboard preamp??? Did you go for the optional switch as on the Dimarzio wiring diagrams??? Hows the sound fromn the Model P/Will Power???

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