P Bass with a 7.25 Radius?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Looking for alternate/backup p for my band. Currently my #1 is my AVRI 58 p bass which I love and is not going anywhere. Have been a jazz bass player my whole life and recently made the switch over to a P a few months ago.

    7.25 radius
    Maple board
    Can be either split or single(51-56 style)
    Something other than sunburst.
    Would prefer if it was a bit cheaper than my #1

    I like Nash but it seems like they only do 10” radius... also am a fan of the hybrid style basses (mike dirnt sig) but alas, 9.5 radius...
  2. FronTowardEnemy

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Chicago Illinois
    Fiesta red road worn or 50’s Classic Series lacquer?

    I own both and love them for the same reasons you mention. I too converted to Ps early last year and unloaded all but one Jazz.
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  3. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    Does it matter if it is 1.625 or 1.75 nut width?
  4. Should have mentioned that. Bigger the better. My AVRI is 1.72 I believe. I played a refin 56 p today in Toronto though and that massive neck was glorious.
  5. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    … then along the lines of FronTowardEnemy's suggestion … any MIM Classic Series 50's P, or Road Worn will fit that bill nicely, and be in the price range you are looking to stay (plenty out there used and I have yet to handle a 'bad' one) … if you want to go single coil, and have no interest in S/B you are pretty much looking for a school bus yellow MIJ/CIJ '51 RI P (if you would like to stay Fender) … just be aware that you won't be getting belly contours on the body, which was a deal breaker for me (which I solved by using a burst Sting Sig body and a '51 RI P neck) …