P/j Bass with Danelectro Lipstick Wiring Question

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  1. DCN


    Nov 5, 2013
    I have a quick question for those more experienced than I. (I've searched the forums and haven't found what I'm looking for, but if this has been discussed before, my apologies).

    I have a 90s Squier P/J bass that I have taken apart and am refinishing/rewiring. I want to replace the J bridge pickup with a Danelectro Lipstick pickup. My goal is to wire it with a mini-toggle so that I can have just the P pickup or just the Dano pickup and then into the volume and tone.

    I've found a few diagrams that are close, but they all have more knobs that I care for (I don't want a separate volume for each pickup and I don't want to have both on at the same time).

    Does anyone have a diagram like this? I guess the closest thing I can think of is a Telecaster, but I don't know enough about electronics to know how re-diagram the three-way blade to a mini-toggle.

    Any suggestions?

    Bonus Info On What I'm Doing, Just Because It Is Fun To Talk About: It is a late 90s Korean (I think) Squier Series. One that has the Fender logo, but then has Squier Series real small on the tip of the headstock.

    The headstock says "Precision Bass Active" and it had active pickups at one point, but the person before me took them out and replaced them with pickups that didn't fit and the pickguard is all broken and hacked up.

    The bass was also a horrific metallic-maroon color. Almost Candy Apple Red, but darker and sort of gross looking.

    So I stripped it (sanding by hand for days) and got all of the ugly off and the wood beneath, while not beautiful, is pretty cool looking. Like a really nice cutting board. It is about four pieces of wood with a nice grain to it. So I've been rubbing Tru Oil on for a week and it looks pretty nice.

    I am going to put on a black pickguard with just one tone and one volume and a mini-toggle with switch between pickups. I would have left the route for the J bridge empty (I have a J bass I love already) but the color is still in there, so if I am going to cover it up, I thought I'd cover it up with something different and a lipstick pickup seemed like a cool idea. I ordered a Danelectro yesteryear pickup. I know that the P pickup will probably overwhelm it, so that's why I'm not worried about blending the two. Plus I like simpler things.

    Thanks again.